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Do not tamper with Jordanian security

Aug 14,2018 - Last updated at Aug 14,2018

The latest terror attack on a Jordanian security post guarding an annual cultural festival in the historic town of Fuheis, west of Amman, was indeed shocking for the loss of life it had caused. But it should come as no surprise. We are always aware of the fact that Jordan remains on the terrorists’ target list for its principled and unwavering stance against all extremist trends, against dark ideologies, against all attempts to involve the noble religion of Islam in justifying violence, against ethnic and sectarian bias, against hatred and hate speech, against indiscriminate murder of innocent people on religious or ethnic grounds and against outright blind terror. Our security forces have been subjected to similar cowardly terror attacks in the recent past, which were all dealt with firmly, competently and professionally by our security departments, albeit, sadly, at a cost.

In our ongoing war on terror, we have lost some of our bravest soldiers who put their lives with exceptional courage for the safety of their country and its people.

Apparently, as a result of the massive defeats the terrorists have suffered in Iraq and Syria, some of their cells are trying to compensate by committing more barbaric attacks in our country, unaware of the fact that our security forces are ever ready to deal with such brutalities. They do not seem to have learned anything from the hard lessons of the past.

Following the Fuheis attack, the uniquely efficient General Intelligence Department managed, in record time, to identify the culprits and locate their hiding place, in which they hatch their evil plans for more attacks. The fact that they were hiding in an apartment within a multistory building alongside other innocent families, made the job of our security personnel extremely difficult as they attempted to reach the criminal murderers without endangering civilian lives in the building. Our brave martyrs risked their own lives so that they could save others and that was the reason for so many casualties among our security. The terrorists did not surrender, but rather fired heavily at the police before they blasted part of the building. But they were eventually overpowered and terminated.

What is of special significance though, in addition to the elimination of the terrorist cell, is the prevention of further attacks they were preparing against other targets in Jordan. We know that dark minds, controlled by evil ideologies, often in the name of religion, will not easily stop cooking vicious conspiracies and ruthless attacks. Our security is prepared for that and as such, the terrorists have no way of winning their bloody senseless war.

Every time these murderers hope that their attacks against Jordanian targets will drive a wedge between the Jordanian people and their leadership, they reap the exact opposite results.

Their most outrageous and vicious display of evil was their savage murder of the brave air force pilot, martyr Muath Kasasbeh, who fell captive in their evil hands when his plane was downed over Syria while fighting Daesh terrorists three years ago. Never were the Jordanian people, in their entirety, more united than they were in response to that heinous crime. They rallied around their Hashemite leadership offering their unlimited support to their King and their country, as they are doing now and as they do every time their resolve and their steadfastness are tested. 

Despite the precious lives lost and the pain caused to all of us as a result of the loss of our bravest heroes while performing their sacred duty in the defence of their country, the Jordanians will never bend or compromise on their principled positions or the safety and dignity of their country.

In this disturbing moment as in every previous one, His Majesty King Abdullah remains at the forefront of his people and his security forces to take direct charge and ensure that Jordan will move on with full confidence towards the bright future it deserves.

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