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Queen Rania: A great role model

Jun 15,2018 - Last updated at Jun 15,2018

I am a devout fan of Her Majesty Queen Rania, an energetic lady working hard to serve her country and people. I am proud of her achievements and international image, particularly that she constitutes a role model for many women in Jordan and abroad.

The Queen plays a key role in supporting various segments of society, particularly women, by helping them, through different means, to realise their potential and actively serve their country.

A dynamic lady working with people from all walks of life, Her Majesty has been focusing on improving the educational process in the country and regionally, as well as supporting women’s role, by giving them the chance to rise up to serve in various sectors and to rise to leadership positions. While this constructive role finds support by the vast majority of society, it is unfortunate that it is met with criticism by a small number of conservative elements, who are usually negative about everything around them.

Some of them, to start with, are against women working, so how about women succeeding or leading! Some are critical of the fashionable way she dresses, ignoring the fact that she has been a member of the Hashemite family over the past 25 years. The Hashemites enjoy a very high status among the world’s royalties. Their Majesties attend numerous high-level ceremonies and occasions, they go on state visits, and they receive many kings, presidents and dignitaries during their visits to our beloved country. The Queen is often invited to deliver speeches in august meetings. She enjoys a world-wide and world-class recognition and respect. Every one of these high-society events requires a dress code which all attending dignitaries have to live with.

Looking like a fashion icon, Her Majesty made Jordanian-embroidered dresses very popular. She wears what is tailored and embroidered by the non-profit Jordan River Foundation, an establishment focusing on community empowerment, like other organisations that the Queen chairs or supports.

With Her Majesty’s followers on social media counting in millions, and her social and societal activities and the fondness of many people in the world to see her face adorning newspaper and magazine covers, paparazzi follow her everywhere.

The Royal couple, through their actions and words, have captured a great deal of the world attention and interest, and have projected a very positive image of the country. This helps position Jordan in the world as a modern, savvy moderate and peace-loving country. Had the country spent billions on advertisements on international media outlets, we would not have achieved a small portion of the positive publicity generated by our Royal family.

As a whole, we Jordanians are full of appreciation of our Royal family and pay tribute to their efforts in pushing forward the wheel of development in our country, giving equal chances to all and standing out as shiny role models to be emulated by others. And particularly the Queen is an example for many Arab and Muslim women around the world who look up to her and appreciate every move she takes to represent them in such an honourable manner.

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Dear Mr. Jawad Anani,
I would like to applaud you for providing your readers with an honest account of the important role that Queen Rania has played inside Jordan and Internationally. Queen Rania and King Abdullah are an amazing royal couple who genuinely care about the well-being of Jordan and its people. I met Queen Rania in 2017. Her Majesty was humble, respectful and extremely nice towards everyone. King Hussein was known for saying that Queen Alia was a Queen before he placed her on the throne. Likewise, Queen Rania is a Queen not only by title but also by her exemplary behaviour towards everyone around her. May Allah Protect the Hashemite Royal Family, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Jordanian people and bless them with eternal happiness and prosperity.

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