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Unlocking India’s potentials

Mar 04,2018 - Last updated at Mar 04,2018

India’s great potentials have always made it a destination of rich and abundant opportunities. Last week, it was His Majesty King Abdullah’s destination to serve the higher interests of Jordan and its people.

His Majesty, who enjoys remarkable respect around the world, invested time and efforts in cementing ties with India, most importantly in the economic field, a step that the government will hopefully build on.

What would that really require?

Primarily, an effective government follow-up and execution mechanism by, for example, establishing units [one for each economic giant or trade partner] at the Kingdom’s embassies everywhere, whose responsibility would be to follow up on the outcomes of Royal visits and subsequent government action plans, and to submit progress reports every two or three months.

Jordanians have great faith in His Majesty, the army and the security apparatus, knowing that they do what is right for them. It is time for governments to work harder to enjoy a similar level of trust. That is particularly true of Hani Mulki’s government, which includes savvy economists and investment experts.

His Majesty pays great attention to promoting Jordan as an investment destination. That means it is really our duty, as Jordanians, to be up to his expectations. His recent visit to India is only the latest example of how we must ensure that the Royal diplomatic successes work for our own benefit and for the benefit of generations to come.


The writer is former media and communication director at His Majesty King Abdullah’s Office and currently senior media adviser and special representative for international strategic communication at Talal Abu Ghazaleh Group

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