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Are we ready to transform to parliamentary governments?

Mar 08,2020 - Last updated at Mar 08,2020

Many politicians and opinion leaders suggest and encourage moving forward with the idea of transformation to party parliamentary governments.

We are all agreed on the principle of transformation. But what about timing?

Therefore, asking a set questions may help in this regard.

Are there any requirements for such a transformation to succeed? If so, are these requirements existing or available right now?

Is it better to go for such a transformation in good economic conditions or can we do that in any conditions? How do we explain that countries go to competency governments when they suffer from very hard financial and economic conditions? Is there not a heavy price if, God forbid, such a transformation fails, especially in the beginnings? Is the expected challenge in the transformation itself or in the requirements and related conditions?

That is why we need first of all the presence of strong parties with clear valuable national missions and programmes that enable them to reap parliamentary seats, so that any of them or a coalition of a number of them constitute a parliamentary majority. When this happens, shifting to parliamentary governments will be a rational and wise decision.

With regard to existing talk about amending the election law for the House of Representatives, this may have an effect but it will be limited. It is necessary to pay attention to an important matter, which is that the results of the election process are mostly governed by the will of the voters and their convictions. And this is related to their priorities and expectations that depend on their needs, and what they want from the deputies is what directs their selections.

If the government guarantees to the citizen access to services and jobs according to the state’s capabilities without absolutely needing any parliamentary intervention or mediation, and it provides conclusive evidence for everyone through practice on the ground then there is no role for the deputy at all in such matters. Thereby, the voter’s convictions change around the role of deputies, and thus this change in his/her expectations is reflected on his/her choices.

Bringing up good ideas is a healthy matter. But to ensure its success, do not forget to fulfill the requirements and timing, as readiness is the basis for any success.

Let us always remember that citizens’ joining parties or not is a right guaranteed by the constitution. Consequently, I do not think we should put any restrictions on running for parliament and the election that do not take this constitutional right into account.

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