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What worries the investor?

Aug 31,2022 - Last updated at Aug 31,2022

We are fully aware that the government faces great challenges and the options before it are limited, and it is often forced to adopt the option that accompanies the least damage.

The current investor faces several challenges that make him hesitate to expand his investment, and the potential investor is reluctant to make his decision to invest due to considerations, some of which are impressionistic and some are objective.

I will touch here on the objective considerations which must be addressed without any delay.

The first of these considerations is a change in priorities and interests, and this is reflected in various sectors, which raises the level of risk and hesitation among those wishing to invest or expand investment.

The second of these considerations is the fear that changing officials may lead to a change in policies and incentive measures, and therefore what is the guarantee for them that the policies and incentives will not be changed or retracted. What matters to them is their continuity and stability, even if it is relative and according to the initial agreement.

The third of these considerations is that the actual activation and application of these incentive policies and measures depends on the ability and strength of those officials, and their change may expose these policies and incentives to ebb and flow, especially when they are not on the same level in terms of empowerment and influence.

The fourth of these considerations may be the officials’ interest in the beginning with the aim of attracting investors, but unfortunately in many cases this interest soon recedes as soon as the investment is started.

It seems to officials that the goal is achieved once the investment is registered, they are unaware of the importance of supporting the investment in the long term, which is linked to the annual and continuous revenues that the public treasury earns in terms of fees, taxes, etc., and most importantly, moving the wheel of the economy, the operation of various sectors, and the creation of job opportunities.

It is not in our interest in anything that concern for immediate and limited impact dominates, while neglecting or not paying the same degree of attention to comprehensive and sustainable impact.

Once again, the options for the government and any government are few. Therefore, it always resorts to interim treatments and manages budgets annually and painstakingly by making sure to provide in any way sources to finance spending.

It is true that this approach addresses interim and annual challenges, but unfortunately it exacerbates distortions and generates more obstacles and makes governments every time looking for interim solutions instead of permanent solutions.

This series of interim treatments does not end, and let me say caesarean section unless we all swallow the bitterness of curative solutions and endure for two years during which we take permanent solutions. After that, the movement of the economy is enough to automatically eliminate challenges, gaps and distortions, even if it is in a gradual way, but they are sustainable solutions that suffice us from the evil of the endless series of annual patches and a give-and-take scenario.

It is necessary to completely stop the series of interim treatments and move firmly to adopting feasible policies that promote the economy, but this requires a complete control of spending and patience and endurance during a transitional period until we begin to see the returns of these policies.

Believe me that we pay the cost of adopting permanent solutions once, save us a lot economically, socially and security than recurrent interim solutions that may contribute to controlling matters on the one hand, but undoubtedly aggravate them on the other. And after each time we find the challenges are increasing and intensifying.

Finally, I say that analysing and diagnosing the general national issue is never correct to be done on certain dimension without others, nor to deal with that piecewise or dimension in isolation from the general context. The holistic analysis leads to balanced holistic solutions that control the directions and steps. This in the end controls the rhythm and directs the general movement and thus multiplies and improves the outputs.


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