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The paternalistic

Apr 28,2020 - Last updated at Apr 28,2020

Reconstruct the language around the metaphors of the battle against coronavirus, we lose much of what is special and sacrificial about our social life by no interaction and determine social distance so we will prevail soon.

The race the Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army entered is not only invisible but it is providing the discipline into our adherence to standards of civil behaviour, helping us into our quarantine, which created a genuine language that puts all efforts “through the National Center For Security and Crises Management”   to ameliorate our life inspiring not least because it has promised to overcome it soon if we dedicate.

Part of the uniqueness of the Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army was the deep belief that the nation could never place its moral foot wrong; we marked the good guys around us so close to us generally outnumbered and outgunned, for those modern heroes who put their entire life and time just for Jordan, their bullets today are their minds, hands and words, power source if the message into the change is occurring even if it is for a short time yet its somehow long enough.

Today as the coronavirus shook our lives, the stubborn persistence of our Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army, our nation show a total endure of the change and bear more the quarantine, some  found it scary, others worry about which procedure is more safe, but for the most part we seem to believe that things will get better because we count on them as much as we count on science to cure the virus.

Their journey is complex. Without complaint their encouragement was taken from His Majesty King Abdullah; their roles  dictated by the imperative “loving Jordan’s” not because morality commands it but because their functional comes out of Jordan, to defence of civility on the ground, their functionality’s insufficient merely functional rules all on what leaves us better.
Their embodiment of the basic requirements pleased even for our meal times.
Their ability of making us feel we are connected; everyone is essential to every decision, which genuinely increased awareness, which could not be solved by regulations only.

God protect Jordan.

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