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A clarion call: King Abdullah’s Royal proclamation in New York

Sep 24,2023 - Last updated at Sep 24,2023

In the midst of prevailing Arab neglect and inertia surrounding Palestine, His Majesty King Abdullah, with a voice steeped in resolve and clarity, proclaimed at the seventy-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York that Palestine reverberates ceaselessly in his heart and conscience. He emphasised that the symphony of blood and destiny is neither mere lyrical metaphor nor a subject of ephemeral dialogue.

His Majesty, with his signature eloquence in international arenas, spoke with bold and unequivocal strokes, voicing the silent whispers and illuminating concerns that resonate with Jordanians and the conscience of the world, with the Palestinian issue radiating in its political and humanitarian spectra. He crafted a universal message, cautioning that impulsive pursuits of normalisation are counterproductive and perilous if they overlook the foundational pillars of the conflict.

His Majesty outlined the international community’s moral imperatives, emphasising that the lingering shadows over the Palestinians' future make a harmonious political resolution a distant dream. He accentuated that the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the key to alleviating the regional suffering, spotlighting the essence of the two-state solution, anchored in United Nations resolutions, which envisions equal rights for Palestinians to a future woven with peace, dignity and hope.

However, this envisioned peace is currently entrapped, with 5 million Palestinians living in the chains of occupation, bereft of civil rights, freedom of movement and self-determination. The Hashemite guardianship of the Holy sites in Al Quds Al Sharif stands as a bulwark against the Zionist entity, symbolising an indivisible Arab-Islamic legacy and right.

His Majesty sounded the clarion call about refugees teetering on the edge, reliant on international benevolence, underscoring the ramifications of funding voids and questioning the international community’s ethical stance in this crisis. He reaffirmed Jordan’s steadfast commitment to refugee welfare but emphasised Jordan’s strained resources and underscored the necessity of collective responsibility until refugees can return to their homelands.

His Majesty’s discourse, devoid of diplomatic embellishments, held a mirror to the international community, reflecting a blend of candor and confidence that Jordanians and the world have come to expect from him.

The vitality of Jordan’s international stance, as reflected in His Majesty’s words, is built on the foundation of internal cohesion and stability. His Majesty envisions a future painted with organised, programmatic political endeavours, emphasising youth leadership and self-reliance. He perceives the bicentennial of the Jordanian state as a canvas of transformative, qualitative endeavours, leading to a harmonious exchange of power between mature political entities.

Traditional governments have been ensnared in stagnation, unable to craft solutions for pressing dilemmas like poverty, unemployment, public debt and the trust deficit between citizens and their governments. His Majesty’s progressive and democratic blueprint seeks to revitalise the static structures of governance, emphasising the synergy between governments and parliaments to formulate and implement transformative solutions.

Today, a united front behind our leadership is the beacon for our collective salvation. Our journey is towards a robust Parliament and a partisan government with resonant programmes, under the Hashemite leadership, echoing self-reliance.

His Majesty’s visionary gaze has been a guiding light, illuminating paths that neither the government offices nor the seat of Parliament would have discerned independently. Our path is paved with self-reconciliation, transparency with our people, and a united stance against our challenges behind our wise and revered leadership.

Political entities have embarked on a journey, a journey that is a crucible for effective parliamentary endeavours, propelling Jordan with unwavering strides towards the future. It is a time for unadulterated honesty and self-reconciliation, working in unity under the expansive banner of Jordan, discerning right from wrong, and bestowing upon Jordan the reverence and endeavour it rightfully deserves.


Nedal El Batayneh is the secretary-general of the Eradah Party. [email protected]

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