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Guidance in specialisation of university students

Jan 24,2022 - Last updated at Jan 24,2022

The hefty process of transitioning from school to university is incredibly challenging; students are to enter a higher form of education carrying a heap of expectations and anticipation. Furthermore, this educational process of continuity is inevitably filled with questions and decisions regarding specialisations that each foregoing university student must undergo. It is specifically in the society of Jordan where a strong emphasis on the importance of knowing what to choose beforehand exists; even a stronger emphasis is imposed on sticking with your chosen major and avoiding change amidst the journey.

Therefore, it is important to realise that a high school graduate, right before entering university, exists in-between a deluge of family’s growing eagerness as well as interjections. It does not become a choice of a student only, but an intervention of their family’s opinions, friends, their dreams and aspirations. Hence, the prospective student is exposed to a portion of what is to be faced at university. Based on personal experience, this portion is a combination of moderate Internet research and very much opinionated feedback given by acquaintances who are university graduates. All of those “dependable” resources might not be accurate at all. This only informs us of the importance of leading high school expected graduates into choosing the most fitting specialisation; separated from any external interfering.

Moreover, it is quite challenging for any upcoming student, specifically those who had been under online teaching for a year now, to endure this haze state foregoing university. We must ensure that a student knows what to expect before their first day, and this will not be filled by the classical major-description of a few transparent lines that supposedly cover a four-year worth of one’s major. But an actual representation that is carefully detailed and planned must be given to every student before entering universities. 

If students are to be left as they are, then we must expect that hesitancy, underperformance and distended anxiety from first-year students. 

Accordingly, students must be granted all the necessary information they might need through counseling services provided by universities; these types of services will further aid the choices of students. Besides, students must be offered introductory walkthroughs of their major. Otherwise, having to expect an excellent performance of the majority of the students in their first year is unjust. 

As a graduate student, the one thing that I deeply wished for was this point exactly; having pre-knowledge of my major instead of having my expectations, which did not align with reality whatsoever. 

In short, guidance and orientation are crucial; this form of cruciality should be reflected as early as high school, led by the Ministry of Higher Education where one’s specialisation would be guided from a form of orientation which will manage to help youth to wisely choose their major, either based on what they are passionate about or on which the labor force of which Jordan needs.

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