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Dream or reality?

Nov 11,2017 - Last updated at Nov 11,2017

Now that we know that the “new Amman” will be located east of Amman and Zarka, the anxiety about the whole idea has lessened.

This would put the city in the proximity of the controversial site of the projected first nuclear plant if it, too, will ever see the light of day.

This strategic location would provide nuclear energy to the new metropolis, but would also put its occupiers at a higher risk of exposure to radiation and nuclear contamination.

Be that as it may, one might never know whose brainchild is this new city and whether it is for real. 

More important than where the dream capital will take shape is whether it will turn out to be just another nightmare like others Amman experienced, including the so-called rapid transit bus and even the far-fetched subway system that has been floated recently.

I still have my doubts that the new city will ever be built and all the talk about it will come to fruition.

We have neither the resources nor the urgent need for another capital. I can count hundreds of mega projects that the country needs and building a new capital is definitely not among them.

I am also wondering what will become of foreign embassies in Amman, especially those that invested heavily in their new premises, including the US, Canadian and Saudi.

And what about the transportation of so many thousands of civil servants to and from the new location? Who is going to foot that bill?

What rapid transportation system is going to be built for this purpose?


All that the stakeholders can do for the time being is to wait, hoping that this dream capital will stay a dream.

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