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Israel also weighs on US elections

Aug 04,2018 - Last updated at Aug 04,2018

While Russia continues to dominate the news within and outside the US about its alleged interference with the last US presidential election, little or no attention is being directed to other countries that may have successfully done so without attracting as much as a whisper of suspicion.

Without wanting to be a one-track minded Jordanian and obsessed with Israel's hegemony over the US body politic on the Palestinian conflict, there is no justification for not at least studying the possibility that Jewish lobbyists in the US, acting on behalf of Israel, had penetrated the dynamics of US presidential elections. This applies to the 2016 US presidential elections, which President Donald Trump won against the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, not on the basis of popular vote but rather on the basis of the so-called electoral college system.

Many observers suspect, and for a good reason, that the US political order, including the White House and US Congress, are for all intents and purposes inside Israel's pocket, and US politicians on both sides of the isle have rarely, if ever, deserted Israel on major policy issues regarding its conflict with the Arab countries.

The Jewish lobby in the US, a conglomerate of several factions concentrated in major US cities, such as New York and Washington D.C., act on behalf of Israel with virtual freedom and openness. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee stands out as the strongest among the coalition of other lobbyists, which act on behalf of Israel and its policies.

Can there be doubt also that these lobby groups influence the US elections on several fronts, including the presidential ones, through their hegemony over the mass media in the US, including television? Can there be any doubt that no candidate for public office in the US stands a high chance of getting elected either for the US Congress or elsewhere on the regional and local level without showing a minimum degree of loyalty to Israel and its policies? This proposition has been validated over and over many times and can now be taken for granted.

Since there is little doubt about the influence of Israel through the coalition of Jewish lobby groups on the US stances, especially on the external level, then it stands to reason that Israel, and not Russia, is acting through the Jewish lobbyists in the US and is exerting its maximum influence on and interference with US elections, including the presidential one.

It so happens that most influential Jews in the US often side with the Republican Party’s politics because it is in the forefront of political parties that side more often than not with Israel and defend its policies.

It follows that President Trump is the ultimate choice of the Jewish lobbyists who would not hesitate to throw him a lifeline if his political base is shaken or in doubt for whatever reason. This may explain in part at least why Trumps' approval rating continues to rise among Americans despite all the political skirmishes that he confronts almost daily and that his chances of winning another term in the White House remain solid.

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Don't forget, AIPAC although they lobby for Israel, they're not subject to register as foreign lobbyist. Making their influence much more effective in Washington.

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