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Trump faces a secret storm

Dec 29,2018 - Last updated at Dec 29,2018

One can now say that US President Donald Trump has become, slowly but certainly, a bruised and wounded president in the wake of the endless and evolving trail of damaging allegations about his demeanour and conduct of policies at the domestic and international levels during and prior to his election to the White House in 2016. 

According to seasoned commentators, Trump's governance, during his term in office till now, spells gloom and doom about his ability to survive, politically, the attacks on him by his opponents for long.  A series of best seller books have been published on Trump's conduct in office, among which  were the book written by  former FBI director James Comey entitled "A higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership", followed by the devastating  book by the renowned and prominent journalist Bob Woodward entitled "Fear: Trump in the White House". 

Perhaps the most harmful disclosures on Trump were made by his former lawyer and confidant Michael Cohen, who exposed Trump's alleged hush money payments to women on the eve of the 2016 presidential elections. Coming up next, in terms of damaging revelations, would be the information that has yet to be made public by Special US Counsel Robert Mueller, who promised to say it all about Trump's suspicious connections with Russia that allegedly helped him win the election to the White House. 

In a nut shell, Democrats now say that Russia has elected Trump and not the American people. How much more damage can Trump endure before he is rendered unable to rule his country and conduct its domestic and international affairs in an orderly and rational manner?

President Trump still has a two-year grace period to reconnect with all Americans, and not only his die-hard faithful supporters, by first institutionalising his decision-making process instead of the current hasty and impressionist way. Trump has done wonders for his country economically, but has wasted and frustrated this gain by his impromptu decisions that took friend and enemy by surprise.  

He must learn to listen to his seasoned advisers and experts before announcing major policy shifts. The trouble with Trump   stems from the obvious fact that he governs and conducts public affairs as if he is still a corporate CEO who runs things on the basis of his own whims. 

Trump' constituency is bound to erode, slowly but surely, as evidenced by the drop in his approval rating. Even his closest supporters are losing patience with his arbitrary decisions and resigning from their posts by the dozens. If Trump continues to be abandoned by his closest allies, his future becomes at stake.  Trump's election campaign call for the "locking up" of Hillary Clinton  during the 2016 presidential election could soon become figuratively speaking  a  "locking up Trump" slogan by his opponents  unless he changes course, and soon!

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