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Trump's eye of the storm

Sep 08,2018 - Last updated at Sep 08,2018

US President Donald Trump is being inundated with and beleaguered by ever-increasing crises since he came to power, on the top of which till now could be the threat being posed by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is left with a mandate to unravel the entire narrative on Trump's ascendancy to power, including his alleged "collusion" with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The list of other "problem makers" for Trump include former FBI director James Comey and his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who spilled the beans on Trump's "manipulations" right from the word go during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump has also developed a deepening clash and confrontation with his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is accused of conducting his own agenda in a manner detrimental to Trump's own best interests, even though Sessions says he is trying his best to save Trump from the alleged collusion charge with Russia. The list of Trump's perceived "enemies" seems to be growing by the week if not by the day. Even Trump's own campaign adviser George Papadopoulos came out in the open last week, saying that he tried to arrange a special meeting between Trump and Putin during the 2016 presidential campaign in a bid to substantiate the charge that the two leaders were in "collusion" to influence the US presidential election in favour of Trump.

The most recent addition to the Trump's saga was Bob Woodward’s book "Fear: Trump in the White House". Woodward is a reputable journalist with high credentials, who together with journalist Carl Bernstein, exposed the Watergate scandal in 1972 that brought down president Richard Nixon from power and caused him to resign rather than face impeachment. Woodward quoted some of the closest men to President Trump at the White House as saying that Trump is an "idiot" who simply cannot grasp the full import of his presidential duties. Of course one can call Trump all sorts of names but idiot cannot be one of them. Having created a big financial empire worth billions of dollars, Trump can be anything but an idiot. Trump can be impulsive and has been running the White House as a financial corporation of his own but with all fairness, he can be anything but a fool.

Yet, all these threats to President Trump are no to match to what could happen if Trump's wife Melania joins the crowd of Trump's foes by raising in public the president's long record of "womanising" that was kicked off with alleged sexual relations with Russian women in a Russian hotel when he visited Moscow in November of 2013 to attend the Miss Universe pageant. It is reported that President Putin had all these womanising sessions filmed for posterity, which many fear had put Trump at the mercy of Putin at the right time. Some observers have since concluded that Putin has put Trump "over a barrel" over these alleged sexual relations. In a bid for damage control, Trump can argue that these allegations predate his marriage to his current wife in 2005, but while still married to his second wife Marla Maples.

The next bombshell to face President Trump could be when his wife Melania breaks her silence and takes a public position on her husband’s extra marital relations. I fear that which could break the camel's back for Melania is Trump's sexual encounters with two women during her marriage with Trump, namely Stephanie Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels, and Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model. This is when a perfect storm can hit the White House. Melania is still the wild card in the unfolding events on Trump that has yet to be played out in the public. She could be the eye of the ensuing storm. Not surprisingly, President Trump is in a deep depression and this may explain his erratic relations with foreign countries and their leaders. At this rate, the US President could be left with only Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a foreign friend. 

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