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Abdelmonem Alzu’bi
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - May 30,2018
The government's insistence to extend support and funding for the vague economic stimulation plan is marred by untenable disengagement with prevailing fundamentals and core national priorities.In fact, the goal of stimulating the economy contradicts itself with the dominant natio
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Nov 26,2017
According to official statistics, commercial banks place around JD2.5 billion of remunerated deposits at the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ).The weighted average interest rate paid by the CBJ on these funds stands currently at around 3 per cent, which is equivalent to about JD75 mil
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Nov 19,2017
If the recent surge in oil prices persists it will subject the National Electricity Power Company (NEPCO) to new financial losses unless the government adjusts electricity tariffs upwards, to reflect higher production costs.According to the Ministry of Finance figures, NEPCO purc
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Nov 12,2017
According to the latest World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report, Jordan’s business environment gained 15 ranks globally over the last year, from 118th to 103rd, out of 190 countries.Prominent public opinion leaders commended this noticeable progress and praised the considerabl
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Nov 06,2017
According to the budget law for the year 2017, the government pledged to undertake two major fiscal reforms.
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Oct 29,2017
According to Prime Minister Hani Mulki, the government is seriously considering a proposal to develop a new capital city in partnership with the private sector.In order to demonstrate the government’s determination to proceed with the initiative, the premier pointed out that the
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Oct 22,2017
Resilient US shale oil production and accelerating shifts in transportation technologies support dominant arguments that low oil prices will persist for much longer than expected, if not forever.According to the same arguments, US shale oil producers will continue to impose an up
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Oct 15,2017
King Abdullah’s directives to combat tax evasion were welcomed by Jordanians, not only because it would shelter households from new tax burdens, but also because it boldly addressed a longstanding source of inequality and discontent.Salaried employees and compliant tax payers hav
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Oct 08,2017
The official message conveyed to Jordanians is that outstanding economic deterioration is a transitory phase directly linked to temporary developments and regional instability.While such argument reflects part of the reality, it must be acknowledged that Jordan is experiencing a
By Abdelmonem Alzu’bi - Sep 27,2017
The unveiled features of the proposed income tax reforms stirred discussions in the media and on social platforms in Jordan.The over $35 billion economy is afflicted with excessive fiscal burdens and chronic external imbalances, leaving policy makers with no choice but to introdu


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