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Alexandra Borchardt
By Alexandra Borchardt - Jul 04,2020
MUNICH —  When a local radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina started a podcasting competition in its community, it was prepared for many contingencies, except one: That the response would overwhelm the station’s server.
By Alexandra Borchardt - Nov 28,2019
OXFORD — Depending on where you get your news, your view of how the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump is unfolding may be very different from that of your friends, relatives, or neighbours.
By Alexandra Borchardt - Jul 03,2019
OXFORD — In most industries, a quality product is easy to identify, thanks to markers like price, brand and reviews.
By Alexandra Borchardt - Mar 23,2019
OXFORD — Technology was supposed to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Connect everyone to the Internet, it was once assumed, and democracy would follow. Collect enough data, and all of our questions would be answered.
By Alexandra Borchardt - Sep 09,2018
OXFORD — After years of ill health, the news industry is finally showing signs of a modest recovery. According to the Digital News Report 2018, the most comprehensive survey of digital media consumption, subscriptions are trending up while consumer confidence has stabilised.


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