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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Sep 24,2018
Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufian, founder of the Umayyad Dynasty, is credited with many achievements, but he is least known for his greatest accomplishment: He shaped Arab government and political communication for centuries to follow.His description of himself being connected to the peop
By Ali Kassay - Sep 16,2018
In 1992, I was embarrassed to learn that the total number of books published in all Arab countries that year was equal to the number of books published in Britain in 1870.
By Ali Kassay - Sep 09,2018
In 1879, Gilbert and Sullivan achieved international success with their comic opera The Pirates of Penzance, in which major general Stanley introduces himself in a song that is still popular today.
By Ali Kassay - Sep 02,2018
In 1989, as I celebrated with my German friends the reunification of their country, we all ignored the cautionary note that German society may be divided by more than the Berlin Wall.
By Ali Kassay - Aug 26,2018
There is an apocryphal story about an exchange between the late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and his contemporary US president Jimmy Carter. Finding himself in dire economic straits, Sadat telegrammed: “Situation desperate.
By Ali Kassay - Aug 19,2018
During the past few weeks, much was written about Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, especially his habit of turning up unexpectedly at places such as Al Bashir Hospital or the Abdali bus terminus, which prime ministers usually disregard completely, assuming they are aware that these pl
By Ali Kassay - Aug 13,2018
Last Friday, hundreds of thousands of Jordanian youth were glued to their computer screens to check their Tawjihi, Jordan’s school leaving exam, results.
By Ali Kassay - Aug 05,2018
A few years ago, I was contracted to conduct a survey of a number of government organisations that did similar work in different economic sectors.
By Ali Kassay - Jul 29,2018
In six weeks, the term of office of His Highness Prince Zeid Bin Ra’ad as UN high commissioner for human rights will expire. Prince Zeid said publicly that he would not seek a second term because he vexed so many powerful governments while carrying out his mandate that nobod
By Ali Kassay - Jul 22,2018
One of the most far-reaching achievements of social media was to take whistleblowing to a new dimension.In the past, the best protection of the corrupt was that a whistleblower, even armed with incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing, could only reach very few people, most of who