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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Feb 03,2019
“What is the most important aspect of human rights?” I asked my 18-year-old son.
By Ali Kassay - Jan 27,2019
There are moments in everybody’s life that are so impactful that they colour one’s perception of a subject permanently. One such moment occurred during my graduate studies in the US. The university had arranged a visit to the UN, which some students could not afford.
By Ali Kassay - Jan 20,2019
Scene I: I am at Jabal Amman’s Civil Status and Passports Department applying for a passport for my uncle.
By Ali Kassay - Jan 13,2019
As an avid watcher of the History Channel, I was fascinated by the programme: “The Making of a Dictator”, particularly that hate speech turned out to be a fundamental tool of dictators.Initially, one may argue that respecting freedom of speech means respecting that freedom for th
By Ali Kassay - Jan 06,2019
The reviews of 2018 and forecasts for 2019 were hardly cheerful, particularly on environment-related matters.
By Ali Kassay - Dec 30,2018
A week ago on Sunday, while we were preparing to celebrate Christmas, a vicious crime was committed in Zarqa.
By Ali Kassay - Dec 23,2018
Once again, it is that time of year.
By Ali Kassay - Dec 16,2018
In 1972, Chinese premier Zhou Enlai was asked about the impact of the French Revolution of 1789.
By Ali Kassay - Dec 10,2018
A very interesting kerfuffle is taking place over the amended cybercrime law, which the government withdrew, while promising to resubmit it. Seriously, why are electronic crimes such a priority for the government?
By Ali Kassay - Dec 02,2018
I believe that the best thing for the good old days is a bad old memory.



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