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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Jun 11,2017
Once again last week terrorists struck, murdering innocent people and, adding insult to injury, they claimed to be doing it “for Allah”.Expressions of sympathy and solidarity by Muslim political and religious leaders and the assurance that murder is contrary to Islam are befittin
By Ali Kassay - Jun 04,2017
Hatred is a remarkable motivator, as incomprehensible as it is powerful. Last week, two men were stabbed to death in the US and a third was seriously wounded defending a Muslim woman who was attacked by a white supremacist. None of the stabbing victims was a Muslim, whi
By Ali Kassay - May 28,2017
Early in the morning of this past Friday, I took my son to do the week’s shopping as we do every Friday.But we set off earlier than usual this time because this was a special day.
By Ali Kassay - May 21,2017
Way back in the deep recesses of history, when I was a graduate student, I asked a German friend whether he thought Germany would ever be reunited.With a great deal of poignancy in his voice, he said it was the dearest wish of every German, but no one realistically expected it to
By Ali Kassay - May 14,2017
One good thing about parliament is that, after a couple of hundred years or so of practising democratic debate, a tradition develops of resolving issues through dialogue without outbreaks of fisticuffs, a notion which may astonish some of our enlightened deputies.In some countrie
By Ali Kassay - May 07,2017
Scottish economist Adam Smith, author of the monumental work “Wealth of Nations”, believed that little is needed to carry a state from the lowest barbarism to the highest degree of opulence, but peace, easy taxes and a tolerable administration of justice; all the rest would come
By Ali Kassay - Apr 23,2017
A good book that I read some time ago was “Collapse”, by Jarred Diamond, whose main argument was that communities which overexploit their environment tend to collapse as their territory becomes uninhabitable.Diamond did not focus on Jordan, but he mentioned that the Petra re
By Ali Kassay - Apr 09,2017
 The soothsayer who warned Julius Caesar to beware of the Ides of March was clearly Jordanian, and she was obviously thinking that March is the month when we dig deep in our pockets to pay our children’s school fees and prepare our tax returns for the April deadline.Tax coll
By Ali Kassay - Apr 02,2017
A few days ago, on March 28, Ahmed Kathrada, the great political and human rights activist, passed away. For those among us who have not read the obituaries, Kathrada was active in the passive resistance movement against apartheid in South Africa from the age of 12.&nbs
By Ali Kassay - Mar 26,2017
It is always a pleasure and a privilege to listen to intelligent people talk, because they often draw your attention to new aspects of an issue.One such talk was given by Professor Bernard Lewis during a visit to Amman. Asked to comment on the invasion of the Coca Cola cultu



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