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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Sep 24,2017
Years ago, when I was a student in Paris, I committed a faux pas in a conversation with a colleague from Bilbao, by referring to her as Spanish.She immediately retorted sharply: “I am not Spanish, I am Basque.”From then on, I avoided embarrassment with my Catalan colleagues by di
By Ali Kassay - Sep 18,2017
When Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono came to Amman earlier this month, he could hardly have imagined the controversy that would surround his goodwill visit, which was intended to emphasise Japan’s strong support for Jordan and the continuation of its considerable economic aid
By Ali Kassay - Sep 10,2017
One of the highlights of my morning on September 4, the day after the week without newspapers, the Eid holiday, was to reach for my Jordan Times.My attention was immediately captured by the headline “Addressing campus violence remains unfinished business as debate goes on” atop a
By Ali Kassay - Aug 27,2017
It is difficult to walk through any street in Amman without passing by the diwan of one tribe or another.The word diwan, which originates from Farsi, historically came to indicate a high seat of government, but in this context it indicates a place where members of a tribe get tog
By Ali Kassay - Aug 20,2017
Amid all the unpleasantness that makes daily world news, there was one happy report that Malala Yousafzai has gained a place at Oxford University to study philosophy, politics and economics. For those with short memories, Malala is the daughter of a Pakistani school principa
By Ali Kassay - Aug 13,2017
In today’s global economic uncertainty, with signs of the long-awaited recovery remaining few and far in between, Jordan’s economy naturally feels the pinch of this situation, and the Jordanian government looks for ways to jumpstart economic recovery.One of the priority areas is
By Ali Kassay - Aug 06,2017
Ever since Adam took a bite of the forbidden fruit, for which he and his family were banished from the Garden of Eden, woman has been viewed as the root of all evil in most of the world’s cultures.  She is portrayed as the temptress and the originator of sin, while man is th
By Ali Kassay - Jul 30,2017
In 1894, the Times of London predicted that in 50 years (i.e., by 1950) London would be “buried three metres deep in horse manure”.The problem of horse manure was so severe in all major cities that the world’s first urban planning conference met in 1898 to discuss specifically th
By Ali Kassay - Jul 23,2017
An interesting debate is taking place in Jordan’s social media on child marriage, spurred by instructions that permit the marriage of children between 15 and 18 years of age, published in the Official Gazette No. 2457, on July 16, 2017, pp.
By Ali Kassay - Jul 16,2017
The UNHCR’s Annual Global Trends Report 2017 was understandably alarming: 65.6 million people, more than the population of Britain, were uprooted from their homes by conflict and persecution.“On average, 20 people were driven from their homes every minute last year, or one every



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