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Barry Eichengreen
By Barry Eichengreen - Jan 20,2024
FLORENCE — It has become fashionable of late to compare US President Joe Biden in 2023 to Jimmy Carter in 1979.
By Barry Eichengreen - Oct 31,2023
KAUAI — Is the dollar poised to lose its dominance of global economic and financial transactions?
By Barry Eichengreen - Oct 10,2023
 MARRAKESH — Industrial policy is back. It is back with a vengeance in the United States, where for decades the dominant ideology and policy minimised government efforts to influence the structure of the economy.
By Barry Eichengreen - Aug 28,2023
 BERKELEY — US President Joe Biden and his team get little credit for their management of the American economy.
By Barry Eichengreen - Aug 03,2023
NEW DELHI — The debate over using frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine’s reconstruction is coming to a head. The arguments in favor are compelling. The objections are weak.
By Barry Eichengreen - Mar 13,2023
BERKELEY — When the United States and its G-7 partners imposed sanctions on Russia’s central bank and barred Western financial institutions from doing business with Russian counterparties, commentators warned of far-reaching changes in the global monetary and financial order.
By Barry Eichengreen - Feb 11,2023
BERKELEY — The ruckus in the United States over the federal debt ceiling has redirected attention toward soaring public borrowing.
By Barry Eichengreen - Jan 16,2023
STOCKHOLM — With hindsight, 2022 will be seen as the year when artificial intelligence gained street credibility.
By Barry Eichengreen - Oct 13,2022
GENEVA  —  Right-minded governments are providing Ukraine with military hardware and financial infusions, albeit some more generously than others, to enable the Ukrainians to fight back against Russian aggression.
By Barry Eichengreen - Sep 20,2022
 BERKELEY  — September 16 marked 30 years since “Black Wednesday”, when the British pound was ignominiously ejected from the exchange rate mechanism (ERM) of the European Monetary System. Not all anniversaries are occasions for celebration.



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