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Barry Eichengreen
By Barry Eichengreen - Apr 14,2022
 BERKELEY  —  Europe’s economy is finely poised between recession and growth.
By Barry Eichengreen - Mar 15,2022
BERKELEY  —  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is radically redrawing the global economic, political and security landscape. Politically, it is pushing Russia away from Europe.
By Barry Eichengreen - Feb 15,2022
BERKELEY  —  It has become abundantly clear that the United States has an inflation problem.
By Barry Eichengreen - Jan 16,2022
BERKELEY  —  The wildfire spread of the Omicron variant adds a new element of uncertainty to the global economy. But when it comes to emerging markets, the consensus view is that these countries’ prospects remain bright. J.P.
By Barry Eichengreen - Dec 13,2021
BERKELEY — The European Union is about to undergo a much-needed review of its fiscal status quo.
By Barry Eichengreen - Nov 13,2021
BERKELEY — The US Congress has just taken an important step toward implementing President Joe Biden’s fiscal plans, by passing a signature $1 trillion infrastructure bill.
By Barry Eichengreen - Oct 09,2021
BERKELEY — In 2011, when still vice chair of the US Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen reassured her colleagues that drama around the federal government’s debt ceiling “usually turns out to be just theatre”. Theatre of the absurd, one might add.
By Barry Eichengreen - Sep 13,2021
BERKELEY — In August, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced, to much fanfare, that its members had reached a historic agreement to issue $650 billion of special drawing rights (SDRs, the Fund’s unit of account) to meet the COVID-19 emergency.
By Barry Eichengreen - Aug 11,2021
BERKELEY — August 13-15 marks the 50th anniversary of “the weekend that changed the world”, when US president Richard Nixon suspended the dollar’s convertibility into gold at a fixed price and rung down the curtain on the Bretton Woods international monetary system.
By Barry Eichengreen - Jul 07,2021
 BERKELEY — In 2009, in the midst of the global financial crisis, Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chair, famously observed that the only socially productive financial innovation of the preceding 20 years was the automated teller machine.



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