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Basel Burgan
By Basel Burgan - Jul 24,2016
A general perception exists among Jordanians that Hani Mulki was brought in as prime minister to dispense World Bank prescriptions, with a primary duty to lift subsidies on electricity. Most Jordanians know that the issue of electricity subsidies is a very sensitive fil
By Basel Burgan - Jan 14,2016
The Jordanian National Master Energy Strategy of 2007 proposed a mix of energy resources to divert Jordan from dependence on energy source imports.
By Basel Burgan - Dec 19,2015
The Disi Water Conveyance Project was set to be the dream saviour for Jordanians until the middle of the next decade.Before 2011, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation had announced several times that with the Disi project there would be a complete shutdown of aquifer water usage
By Basel Burgan - Aug 09,2015
The Fukushima catastrophe on March 11, 2011, was a major turning point in the brief history of nuclear energy technology.
By Basel Burgan - Mar 26,2014
In July last year, the director of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) stated that the operator of a nuclear power plant (NPP) is the “only entity responsible for any compensation of nuclear harm as a result of nuclear accidents”. This was in response to a
By Basel Burgan - Feb 09,2014
Jordanian officials have long believed that Jordan is rich in uranium reserves. Former prime minister Ali Abul Ragheb stated in an interview that the Jordanian government knew of the existence of uranium reserves in Jordan in the early 1990s, but “due to political reason


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