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Carl Bildt
By Carl Bildt - May 22,2023
STOCKHOLM — With NATO’s mid-July summit in Vilnius fast approaching, the question on everyone’s mind is how to avoid another debacle concerning Ukraine’s prospective membership in the alliance.
By Carl Bildt - Jan 12,2023
 STOCKHOLM  —  In 2023, India will overtake China as the world’s most populous country.
By Carl Bildt - Oct 24,2022
STOCKHOLM — In addition to dealing with the fallout from open warfare in eastern Europe, the world is witnessing the start of a full-scale economic war between the United States and China over technology. This conflict will be highly consequential, and it is escalating rapidly.
By Carl Bildt - Aug 27,2022
STOCKHOLM  —  Why did the West’s Afghanistan policy fail so spectacularly? Was it doomed from the very beginning, and have any lessons been learned?
By Carl Bildt - Jul 20,2022
 STOCKHOLM  —  After World War II, global diplomatic efforts sought to create a new international order that would prevent the world from descending into war, chaos and anarchy again.
By Carl Bildt - Jul 05,2022
 STOCKHOLM  —  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions in Ukraine are not in doubt. He wants to end its status as an independent political entity and incorporate its territory within the Russian Federation.
By Carl Bildt - May 28,2022
DAVOS  —  Now that we have entered a new period of geopolitical conflict, protectionism and regionalism, one wonders whether the cosmopolitan, globalised world of Davos is gone forever.
By Carl Bildt - Apr 25,2022
STOCKHOLM  —  While the likely outcome of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine remains unclear, Russia’s aggression has already changed the European security order in important ways.
By Carl Bildt - Dec 21,2021
STOCKHOLM — As reports pile up about Russia’s military mobilisation on Ukraine’s border and the Kremlin’s diplomatic demands, questions abound. What is going on? What will come next?
By Carl Bildt - Oct 20,2021
STOCKHOLM — These are demanding times. Geopolitical tensions are rising, primarily, but not exclusively, between China and the United States. Yet, at the same time, there is a deep need for inclusive global cooperation to fight the pandemic and meet the threat of climate change.



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