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Carl Bildt
By Carl Bildt - Oct 20,2021
STOCKHOLM — These are demanding times. Geopolitical tensions are rising, primarily, but not exclusively, between China and the United States. Yet, at the same time, there is a deep need for inclusive global cooperation to fight the pandemic and meet the threat of climate change.
By Carl Bildt - Sep 26,2021
STOCKHOLM — Suddenly, “nation-building” has become a dirty word, particularly in the United States. The trauma of America’s defeat in Afghanistan has triggered a panicked retreat from a concept that was long central to US security thinking.
By Carl Bildt - Aug 24,2021
STOCKHOLM — With two decades of war in Afghanistan coming to the grimmest of possible ends, it is worth remembering that three decades have now passed since war came to the Balkans.
By Carl Bildt - May 19,2021
STOCKHOLM — Gaza has long been one of those geopolitical problems that everyone wishes would just disappear. Israel, certainly, would prefer to seal off the Palestinian enclave — both from its own territory and from its collective mind.
By Carl Bildt - Apr 19,2021
STOCKHOLM — Can Russia accept living peacefully next to a sovereign, independent and undivided Ukraine? Or is open war inevitable?
By Carl Bildt - Mar 23,2021
STOCKHOLM — With “vaccine nationalism” intensifying by the day, the global effort to end the COVID-19 pandemic is at risk of faltering. As of mid-March, the coronavirus has infected approximately 120 million people globally, causing around 2.6 million deaths.
By Carl Bildt - Feb 27,2021
STOCKHOLM  —  Speaking in Kabul on the 32nd anniversary of the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, made an important distinction.
By Carl Bildt - Jan 23,2021
STOCKHOLM  —  A sigh of relief swept across Europe when it became clear that Joe Biden would replace Donald Trump in the White House.
By Carl Bildt - Nov 25,2020
STOCKHOLM — At a US Air Force base in Ohio 25 years ago, the European continent’s most devastating war since 1945 came to an end with the Dayton Agreement.
By Carl Bildt - Oct 20,2020
STOCKHOLM — Whether we are heading for a future of cooperation or of increasing confrontation in the Arctic remains to be seen.



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