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Chris Patten
By Chris Patten - Feb 29,2020
LONDON — When the German playwright Bertolt Brecht wrote that, “All power comes from the people”, he went on to ask the rather important question, “But where does it go?”Liberal democracy’s signal achievement in the half-century after World War II was to answer that question in a
By Chris Patten - Dec 31,2019
LONDON — “Truthiness”, a concept coined by the American comedian Stephen Colbert, involves saying things that you want to believe are true even if there is no factual evidence to support these assertions.
By Chris Patten - Aug 24,2019
LONDON — What is a failed state?
By Chris Patten - May 12,2019
LONDON — I first visited Sri Lanka as Britain’s development minister in the 1980s, during the early stages of the vicious war between guerrilla fighters, the so-called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and Sri Lanka’s armed forces.
By Chris Patten - Feb 27,2019
LONDON — The game of chicken is simple to describe but dangerous to play.
By Chris Patten - Sep 19,2018
LONDON — In a 2013 press conference, then-recently inaugurated Pope Francis famously said that, when it comes to sexual orientation, including past homosexual acts, “who am I to judge?” Should we take a similarly non-judgmental approach to the past personal behaviour of our polit
By Chris Patten - Aug 27,2018
TARN, FRANCE — Shares in strongman leaders seem to be falling. The market has not yet turned bearish, but autocrats have little reason to feel bullish.Consider China.
By Chris Patten - Apr 04,2018
LONDON — It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Flowers are starting to bloom, as the sun shines brighter and longer each day. When it comes to world affairs, however, the outlook is hardly rosy.In the Middle East, Israel has threatened military action against Syria and Iran.
By Chris Patten - Nov 30,2017
After US President Donald Trump’s recent visit to China, it can only be a matter of time before right-wing media outlets like Breitbart News and Fox News suggest that he should take a page from President Xi Jinping’s playbook, despite the overwhelmingly Leninist nature of its con
By Chris Patten - Oct 28,2017
An anecdote about US president Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972 has long been regarded as confirmation of the long view of history taken by Chinese leaders.Zhou Enlai, Mao’s dutiful number two, is said to have responded to a question about the lessons of the French Revoluti



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