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Dani Rodrik
By Dani Rodrik - Mar 23,2019
CAMBRIDGE — At the end of 1933, John Maynard Keynes sent a remarkable public letter to US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR had taken office earlier that year, in the midst of an economic slump that had pushed a quarter of the labour force into unemployment.
By Dani Rodrik - Feb 14,2019
CAMBRIDGE — Around the world today, the central challenge for achieving inclusive economic prosperity is the creation of sufficient numbers of “good jobs”, Without productive and dependable employment for the vast majority of a country’s workforce, economic growth either remains
By Dani Rodrik - Jan 08,2019
CAMBRIDGE — The main political beneficiaries of the social and economic fractures wrought by globalisation and technological change, it is fair to say, have so far been right-wing populists.
By Dani Rodrik - Oct 10,2018
CAMBRIDGE — New technologies reduce the prices of goods and services to which they are applied. They also lead to the creation of new products.
By Dani Rodrik - Sep 17,2018
CAMBRIDGE — Labour advocates have long complained that international trade agreements are driven by corporate agendas and pay little attention to the interests of working people.
By Dani Rodrik - Sep 01,2018
CAMBRIDGE — The University of Virginia recently faced a storm of protest after its Miller Centre of Public Affairs appointed President Donald Trump’s former director of Legislative Affairs, Marc Short, to a one-year position as Senior Fellow.
By Dani Rodrik - Jul 14,2018
CAMBRIDGE — Defying common sense as well as business and financial elites, US President Donald Trump seems to relish the prospect of a trade war. On July 6, his latest trade restrictions, 25 per cent tariffs on about $34 billion of Chinese imports, took effect.
By Dani Rodrik - May 13,2018
CAMBRIDGE — A high-profile United States trade delegation appears to have returned empty-handed from its mission in China. The result is hardly a surprise, given the scale and one-sided nature of the US demands.
By Dani Rodrik - Mar 12,2018
CAMBRIDGE — US President Donald Trump’s bark on trade policy has so far been far worse than his bite. But this may be changing. In January, he raised tariffs on imported washing machines and solar cells.
By Dani Rodrik - Mar 19,2017
This month the European Union will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding treaty, the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community.There certainly is much to celebrate.After centuries of war, upheaval and mass killings, Europe is peaceful and democrat



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