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Daoud Kuttab
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 25,2015
When Israeli soldiers entered the Palestinian Dheisheh refugee camp within the Bethlehem district, they committed a violation of the Palestinian-Israeli agreements often referred to as the Oslo Accords. The accords, which were scheduled to expire before the end of the 20th centu
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 18,2015
As the Palestinian-Israeli conflict awaits Israeli elections, a number of important local and international developments are taking place that could have a long-reach effect on it. Israeli elections, set for March 17, have all but frozen all efforts to move the stalled peace pro
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 11,2015
At the rate of the current escalation of the conflict with Daesh, there is a strong feeling that the military part of this war will be largely won in 2015. The anger that engulfed Jordan after learning of the heinous crime against pilot Muath Kasasbeh has certainly played a role
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 28,2015
The results of the snap elections in Greece, which propelled the leftist Syriza Party to power this week, sent shockwaves to many world capitals. Alexis Tsipras, the new prime minister, has vowed to fulfil his electoral promises, including reversing the harsh austerity plans tha
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 21,2015
The US response to the efforts by Palestinian president to join international organisations, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), is puzzling. The spokeswoman of the US State Department made an unusual attack in trying to express Washington’s opposition. &ldq
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 14,2015
Social media activists have filled cyberspace with comments and arguments justifying the presence of this or that leader at the gathering held in Paris in support of the people of France after the brutal killing, in two separate attacks on journalists, cartoonists, policemen and
By Daoud Kuttab - Dec 31,2014
There is an Arab saying about depriving people of options.
By Daoud Kuttab - Dec 24,2014
I am in principle opposed to the capital punishment.
By Daoud Kuttab - Dec 17,2014
Time is one of the most crucial elements of effective diplomacy. A diplomatic act can have disastrous consequences if executed at the wrong time, but can be successful if the timing is correct. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al Malki was quoted Tuesday as saying Palestinian
By Daoud Kuttab - Dec 03,2014
Politicians holding down the floodgates against a public display of support for the state of Palestine were embarrassed in recent weeks. As soon as these political gatekeepers allowed their rank and file to express their positions, tremendous backing came for Palestine and its p



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