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By Editorial - Sep 15,2014
Monday’s Royal Decree rejecting lifetime pensions for parliamentarians was good news for many around the country. It, again, demonstrated the role of the Hashemite leadership as the safety valve and a voice of the people. Last Thursday’s decision by a joint session
By Editorial - Sep 14,2014
As violence rages in the region, Jordan forges ahead with its evolutionary political reform process. On Saturday, His Majesty King Abdullah reaffirmed Jordan’s commitment to enhancing this democratisation process in his fifth national discussion paper, titled: “Goals
By Editorial - Sep 13,2014
In a first hint that Hamas might change its negotiating tactics with Israel, senior Hamas member Musa Abu Marzouq recently  told Al Quds TV that the movement is now open to the idea of negotiating directly with Israel. “If the situation remains as it is now...
By Editorial - Sep 11,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah told visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday that Jordan stands ready to shoulder its responsibility in the fight against radicalism and terrorism in the region. Jordan, said the King, will support regional and international efforts to co
By Editorial - Sep 10,2014
The Jordan Food and Drug Administration announced plans to ban the use of recycled plastic bags and food containers, starting next year. “Recycled” is better than nothing, but banning plastic bags, generally, would be an even better idea. The move, taken late in the
By Editorial - Sep 09,2014
Little wonder that the unity government agreed upon by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in April is on the brink of collapse. These two main Palestinian factions are miles apart on fundamental issues related to their common cause. The much-acclaimed unity accord struck betwe
By Editorial - Sep 08,2014
The minister of energy and mineral resources Sunday said that Jordan is considering importing natural gas from Cyprus, just after reports about a decision to purchase gas from Israel. This is all being done as the state-owned National Electric Power Company’s losses a
By Editorial - Sep 06,2014
The conflict in east Ukraine and the growing threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant took centre stage at the just-concluded NATO summit in Wales. These two issues dominated the two days of talks of the alliance’s 28 leaders, to which some 60 others, including H
By Editorial - Sep 04,2014
The invitation extended to His Majesty King Abdullah to attend the NATO summit in Wales is a recognition of Jordan’s special and pivotal role in the preservation of regional peace and security, and a testimony to the country’s environment that fosters democracy, the r
By Editorial - Sep 03,2014
The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross said recently that the international community must get to the root causes of the conflicts in the Middle East — and their outcome, particularly the appalling refugee crisis — if these conflicts are to be d