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By Editorial - Jul 08,2014
The Lower House of Parliament has started its deliberations over the draft public-private partnership law to promote the next stage in the country’s economic development.  At the opening session of the debate on Sunday, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour stressed the impo
By Editorial - Jul 07,2014
The Ministry of Water and Irrigation is already sounding the alarm about pressure on the country’s water resources, especially in the northern region which is suffering from an acute water shortage due to hosting hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. The northern gover
By Editorial - Jul 06,2014
When Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour presided over a meeting on Saturday of the Higher Committee for funding small- and medium-sized enterprises in various regions of the country, he was sending a clear message that his government is well aware that there has been much talk about
By Editorial - Jul 05,2014
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki has ruled out giving way to another Shiite candidate for his post and insists on running for a third term. Maliki must be putting the results of the last parliamentary elections that gave his party the highest number of seats in the legislatu
By Editorial - Jul 03,2014
The abduction and killing in cold blood of an innocent Palestinian youth from Shuafat by Israeli settlers, condemned worldwide, is another odious act by extremists eager to shed blood under any pretext. This time, it is said to be in revenge for the killing of three young Israel
By Editorial - Jul 02,2014
The failure of the newly elected Iraqi parliament to agree on naming a new prime minister to replace incumbent Nouri Al Maliki, or the new president and speaker of parliament only reflects the deep divisions that split the country. All eyes are now focused on the selection of a
By Editorial - Jul 01,2014
The discovery of the bodies of the three Israeli youth kidnapped more than two weeks ago has increased tension between Israelis and Palestinians, taking it to a more dangerous level. The killing of the three young Israeli settlers is bound to give the Israeli-Palestinian crisis
By Editorial - Jun 30,2014
According to recent findings by the Ministry of Interior and the Syrian Refugee Administration, undocumented marriages among Syrian refugees, especially among underage persons, reached crisis proportion. Some 10,000 children are born to these marriages annually, and they go unre
By Editorial - Jun 29,2014
The Lower House of Parliament’s decision to lower the age of criminal responsibility for children from twelve to seven years is shocking. The draft laws just adopted by the deputies aiming to make children as young as seven criminally accountable for their actions show tha
By Editorial - Jun 28,2014
It may be too early to determine whether US President Barack Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval for extending an aid package to the “moderate” Syrian opposition could be a game changer in the conflict in this Arab country, but one thing could be ded



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