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By Editorial - Jul 22,2014
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally spelled out the endgame for his land operation against Gaza by telling Western leaders recently that his aggression will not stop till the strip becomes demilitarised.  In other words, what started out as a limited opera
By Editorial - Jul 21,2014
The minister of justice has assured the country that sexual harassment is being addressed already and is punishable by up to six months imprisonment or the payment of a fine.  This assurance came in the wake of a recent report that sexual harassment is on the rise.
By Editorial - Jul 20,2014
The ground operation launched by Israel against Gaza can only add fuel to the raging fire and cause more casualties among innocent people in the Gaza Strip.  By doing so, Israel has effectively embarked on yet another military adventure against Gaza and its inhabitants, ost
By Editorial - Jul 18,2014
The ministerial committee established by the government last November to look into expanding the rights of children born to Jordanian mothers married to foreigners has recommended granting these children certain health- and education-related “privileges” to alleviate
By Editorial - Jul 16,2014
The UN Security Council has finally adopted a long-awaited resolution authorising the delivery of much needed humanitarian assistance to Syrians inside their country without the consent of Damascus.  Hitherto, the absence of Syria’s consent to make humanitarian aid ac
By Editorial - Jul 15,2014
Israeli Labour leader Isaac Herzog is pressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to define more clearly the objectives of his strategy in Gaza and more specifically to spell out his exit plan for the so-called Operation Protective Edge launched on Gaza a week ago.  After ha
By Editorial - Jul 14,2014
Jordan has sent a clear message to all concerned that it will take no part in training Syrian opposition forces on its territory in deference to its longstanding policy that it wants to see a political solution to the conflict in Syria. Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani to
By Editorial - Jul 13,2014
The recent UN World Urbanisation Prospects report indicated that two-thirds of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050.  As of now, half of the world’s seven billion people already live in urban areas with the number of megacities on the increase al
By Editorial - Jul 12,2014
US President Barack Obama has offered to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza with a view to reactivating the November 2012 truce between the two sides, but without spelling out the basis for this initiative.  What’s more the US president seems to be pu
By Editorial - Jul 10,2014
The Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, embarked on a massive new round of bombardment by air and sea against the helpless inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. Instead of de-escalating tensions after a week of violence that took the lives of many innocent peo



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