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By Editorial - Feb 20,2014
Following a trend practised in some other countries, EDAMA, a local business association interested in innovative solutions for the energy and water crises, decided to turn waste into much needed energy. Jordan reportedly produces 16,000 tonnes of waste daily, which goes unexplo
By Editorial - Feb 19,2014
Jordan yesterday marked the Day of Loyalty to retired servicemen and veteran warriors in a ceremony attended by His Majesty King Abdullah, Royal family members and senior officials. It was the day to pay tribute to these people’s efforts to safeguard the country and its
By Editorial - Feb 18,2014
The fact that Friday’s summit between King Abdullah and US President Barack Obama lasted for over two hours is telling. The two leaders had a busy agenda at their meeting at the Annenberg retreat in California that tackled various issues, starting with bilateral ties and
By Editorial - Feb 17,2014
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has gone to great lengths to allay the Israelis’ fears about the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank. Most recently, Abbas touched upon the controversial Palestine refugee issue and their right of return or
By Editorial - Feb 16,2014
UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi’s apology to the Syrian people for the failure of the latest round of peace talks bears testament to the difficulty of bridging the wide gap existing between Damascus and the opposition on how to proceed to break the deadlock. The most contentiou
By Editorial - Feb 15,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s two-and-a-half-hour meeting with US President Barack Obama in California took place at a critical time for the region. With the Palestinian and Syrian conflicts at major crossroads, the next few weeks may well decide the fate of the efforts to
By Editorial - Feb 13,2014
The Syrian opposition and the Damascus regime may, just may, start serious business after initial signs from the recent Geneva talks suggested that they remain hopelessly too far apart. Expectation that this might be the case is the result of the fact that the opposition submi
By Editorial - Feb 12,2014
As the deadline, at the end of April, for the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians draws to a close, the Palestinians are sounding the alarm on the fate of these negotiations. It is worrisome for the Palestinians to see US Secretary of State John Kerry resort to the
By Editorial - Feb 12,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s meeting in Washington with leaders of a number of Arab and Muslim organisations based in the US aimed foremost at keeping them apprised of the regional conflicts, and of Jordan’s position and role in bringing these conflicts to a just and
By Editorial - Feb 10,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah concluded a very successful working visit to Mexico, where he held talks with President Enrique Peña Nieto and other high-ranking officials on the relations between the two countries, and how to boost their growing economic and business relation



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