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By Editorial - Aug 12,2014
For the umpteenth time, His Majesty King Abdullah has reiterated that he would not allow regional developments to obstruct Jordan’s ongoing reform process, which has already crossed a long way since it was launched a decade and a half ago. “Every time I am faced with
By Editorial - Aug 11,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah used rather strong words to describe Israel’s aggression on Gaza, calling it “the bloodiest and most devastating” war that Israel has ever launched against this coastal Palestinian enclave. In a recent interview with the Arabic daily A
By Editorial - Aug 10,2014
President Barack Obama said there “is no quick fix to the crisis” in Iraq after the US’ aerial strikes against the fast-advancing forces of the so-called Islamic State deep into Kurdish territory. The extremist group is steadily creeping in the north of the cou
By Editorial - Aug 09,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s recent meeting with a number of senior retired military officers is part of the King’s continued efforts to maintain close contact with all sectors of Jordanian society with a view to sounding their concerns. During the dialogue with retir
By Editorial - Aug 07,2014
The Ministry of Energy recently confirmed that the government will soon decide on the winner of the tender to build the first $150 million solar plant in the south of the country. This shows that the government is determined to go on utilising renewable sources of energy to the
By Editorial - Aug 06,2014
The Ministry of Education, academics, schools, students and parents alike are scrambling for reasons for the below-average results of this summer Tawjihi (General Secondary Certificate Examination). The overall passing rate for this latest high school examination dropped to 40 p
By Editorial - Aug 05,2014
Almost a quarter of a century ago, water pipes were rare in Jordan; mostly smoked by elderly men at a few cafés in main towns.  All this changed gradually in the 1990s as smoking the hubble-bubble, known in Jordan as argileh, started getting more and more popular wit
By Editorial - Aug 04,2014
The Ebola virus is spreading like wildfire in West Africa and is now considered out of control, according to the World Health Organisation, which plans to launch a $100 million response plan and is holding urgent talks with donors and agencies to increase resources to the region.
By Editorial - Aug 03,2014
The Ministry of Labour is mulling a new policy to deal with Syrian refugees working in Jordan without a work permit.  Under current rules and regulations, foreigners found working in the Kingdom without a permit are deported to their country of origin.  However, this
By Editorial - Aug 02,2014
When Israel keeps shelling schools, markets, apartment buildings, hospitals, homes and other civilian targets over and over again, there is every reason to conclude that its forces intend to kill and injure as many civilians as possible.  Over the past few days, Israeli for



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