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By Editorial - Oct 15,2014
Some imams, employed to spread the word of God and the teaching of the Holy Koran during the Friday sermons, were recently caught preaching exactly the opposite: encouraging terrorism. These people were removed from their religious duties as a result, and rightly so. But author
By Editorial - Oct 14,2014
Hours after taking office, on October 3, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven dropped a bombshell in his country’s parliament by declaring, during his inaugural speech, that his country will recognise the state of Palestine. That was the prime minister’s first major
By Editorial - Oct 13,2014
The countries participating in the international conference for the reconstruction of Gaza, held in Cairo, pledged some $5.4 billion, a heartening figure, no doubt. Qatar led the way, having donated $1 billion, with the European Union, the US, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates
By Editorial - Oct 12,2014
The fact that the implementation of the decision of the Greater Amman Municipality to move the so-called Friday market from Abdali, in downtown Amman, where it has been held for several years, was met with protests from vendors necessitating the intervention of the riot police to
By Editorial - Oct 11,2014
Malala Yousafzai, the brave Pakistani girl who struggles against the suppression of young people and is an advocate for the right of all children to education, is co-recipient, with Kailash Satyarthi, a children’s rights activist from India, of the Nobel Peace Prize for 201
By Editorial - Oct 09,2014
Jordan’s decision to beef up its defences along the borders with Iraq and Syria is a clear message that the country is not about to be caught off guard by any ill-intentioned force. Wisdom guides the level of preparedness to threats from outside the country, and the one co
By Editorial - Oct 08,2014
The US and its allies’ air strikes on the Islamic State militias in Syria and Iraq seem to have made little dent to the group’s gains. If anything, IS is steadily advancing on most fronts, threatening more and more innocent people. Most specialists, and laypeople al
By Editorial - Oct 07,2014
Ebola continues to make headlines, with the virus stealthily reaching far-away shores, like the US and Spain. So far, more than 3,400 people succumbed to the disease and some 7,000 have been diagnosed with it. There are fears that the number of people who contracted the killer
By Editorial - Oct 02,2014
Eid Al Adha, which falls on Saturday, is the holiday of sacrifice, literally and figuratively, which this year assumes an even deeper dimension because of the proliferation of turmoil and hardships across the region. Anywhere one looks, there are Muslims who will celebrate this
By Editorial - Oct 01,2014
In an unaccustomed departure from its usual line, the US took exception to one declaration in the speech delivered by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly on Monday. Netanyahu asserted that “ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poi



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