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By Editorial - Aug 31,2014
According to the international group Shelter Cluster, it would take 20 years to repair the material damage caused by Israel’s 50 days of bombardment of Gaza. The organisation seeks to assist different clusters at national level as well as other non-refugee related coordina
By Editorial - Aug 30,2014
Teachers ended their strike in a welcome development, but that came after many days of negotiations between the Jordan Teachers Association and the Ministry of Education, at the expense of the education of public schools students. The fact that it took such a long time for the t
By Editorial - Aug 28,2014
At a time when many Jordanians seem worried about the regional turmoil and concerned about the possibility of neighbouring flashpoints drifting into Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah continues his efforts to put the people at ease on all national issues, including security, stabi
By Editorial - Aug 27,2014
The indefinite ceasefire agreement reached by Hamas and Israel Tuesday is a breakthrough of sorts provided it lasts and is observed in good faith by both sides. The ceasefire left some hardcore issues for future negotiations, but relaxed the Israeli blockade on Gaza, a big immed
By Editorial - Aug 26,2014
The Jordan Teachers Association is being intransigent, pressing ahead with the teachers’ strike despite all efforts to end it amicably, including the intervention and mediation efforts of the speaker of the Lower House of Parliament and the House’s Educational Committ
By Editorial - Aug 25,2014
The government decided to form a panel to study and resolve the problem of traffic jams in various Jordanian cities, including the capital. Officials already attribute the exacerbation of the problem to several causes, including population growth, lack of parking spaces and exce
By Editorial - Aug 24,2014
According to a recent UN report, the number of Syrians killed since the start of the conflict has risen to more than 190,000, most of them children, women and elderly. Besides the dead, there have been millions of displaced people and refugees who sought safety in neighbouring c
By Editorial - Aug 23,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s meeting on Thursday with a number of local business and economy leaders highlighted the challenges facing the country, particularly the economy. “Today, we are facing enormous challenges on more than one front, foremost of which are econom
By Editorial - Aug 21,2014
Now that the fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has crumbled and negotiations between the two have come to an abrupt end, it is high time that the UN Security Council got serious about the situation and started acting as per the mandate it is invested with. This main UN
By Editorial - Aug 20,2014
Jordan is one of the safest countries in the region, and we pray that it remains so, but some practices shatter our calm and peacefulness even though they are committed in a celebratory manner. We are talking here about festive fire and using firecrackers, which often shatter th



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