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By Editorial - Jun 09,2014
Australia is dangerously, and unprecedentedly, disregarding international law, including UN resolutions, by deciding to stop referring to East Jerusalem as occupied area. Canberra’s attorney general justified his country’s dangerous change of course with the claim th
By Editorial - Jun 08,2014
The UN secretary general’s nomination of His Highness Prince Zeid to the high post of UN high commissioner for human rights is both a testament to Jordan’s special image and  profile as a moderate country that believes in and respects human rights, and a tribute
By Editorial - Jun 07,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah’s recent field visit to the southern governorate of Karak to engage some of its dignitaries and former servicemen in a dialogue is part of his continuous efforts to stay in touch with Jordanians and keep abreast of their woes and concerns.  T
By Editorial - Jun 05,2014
Against the backdrop of continued Israeli opposition to the new Palestinian unity government, the UN came out strongly in its support, which also came on the heels of the US and EU willingness to work with it.  Earlier this week, UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric sai
By Editorial - Jun 04,2014
There is nothing more inconsequential or less interesting than a presidential election whose outcome is known before the votes are cast. This seems to be the case in Syria, where Bashar Assad was re-elected president for another seven-year term. There were two other candidates
By Editorial - Jun 03,2014
The government has sent a circular to all ministries, government departments, municipalities and state corporations, asking them to reduce fuel consumption by 25 per cent, shift to cars with 2000cc engines or less and stop purchasing new vehicles with engines bigger than 1600cc.
By Editorial - Jun 02,2014
Israel denied entry into the West Bank to three Palestinians poised to serve in the Cabinet of the new unity government that was due to be formed in Ramallah on Monday. While that is unacceptable, it does not come as a surprise. Israel never liked to see Palestinians united or
By Editorial - Jun 01,2014
Her Majesty Queen Rania left a distinctive mark at the conference on maternal health, held recently in Toronto under the title “Saving every woman, every child”. The Queen, UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children, attended the three-day event that offers &
By Editorial - May 31,2014
President Barack Obama made clear his stand on foreign policy on Wednesday, stressing his counterterrorism strategy, of more interest to us in the region where Syria is concerned. Speaking to graduating cadets at the US military academy West Point, the US president said he would
By Editorial - May 29,2014
General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi’s winning of the Egyptian presidential election was a foregone conclusion right from the start. His election by a landslide — 92 per cent of the votes — was not a big surprise, since his sole competitor was a political lightweight w



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