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By Editorial - Nov 20,2014
His Majesty King Abdullah, in an interview with Japan’s NHK television network during a working visit to Japan, said that Jordan must have astounded the world with its ability to carry the burden of Syrian refugees. “People are still, I think, staggering that Jordan
By Editorial - Nov 19,2014
It is no surprise that Jordan came top among Arab countries that witnessed progress in democratic reform, according to the Arab Democracy Index. In its fourth edition, the index is put together by the Arab Reform Initiative which, this year, saw Jordan score 58 points higher tha
By Editorial - Nov 18,2014
Israel is once again refusing to cooperate with the UN over its violations of human rights and humanitarian law, this time in regard to its 50-day war on Gaza in the summer. The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) had appointed a committee to investigate charges that Israel committe
By Editorial - Nov 17,2014
The just ended one-day conference “Working towards Gender Mainstreamed Governmental Bodies”, organised by USAID Takamol-Gender Programme, in cooperation with the Jordanian National Commission for Women, is certainly the valuable start of a long process aiming to attai
By Editorial - Nov 16,2014
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour has been issuing circulars, memos and even a guidebook to government institutions, asking them to apply the “good governance practices” programme prepared by the Ministry of Public Sector Development and other pertinent units, to facilit
By Editorial - Nov 15,2014
The talks His Majesty King Abdullah held in Amman on Thursday with US Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were successful, attesting to the King’s diplomatic skills and the Kingdom’s important role in many issues pertaining to P
By Editorial - Nov 13,2014
The recent vigil by University of Jordan students protesting the hikes in tuition fees raises important issues that universities need to mull on. From the university’s perspective, the 30 to 100 per cent increase in fees for the so-called “parallel” and post-gr
By Editorial - Nov 12,2014
It seems that the two mainstream Palestinian factions Fateh and Hamas are back to their old routine, and back at each other’s throat. No sooner had the ink of their signatures on last month’s new reconciliation agreement dried up than skirmishes between them started.
By Editorial - Nov 11,2014
Syrian President Bashar Assad might give peace a chance by acknowledging that the proposal the UN envoy had for his country, calling for a piecemeal approach to ensure ceasefire, is “worth studying”. The UN envoy suggested that a truce be observed first in Aleppo, wh
By Editorial - Nov 10,2014
The minister of interior has just announced that a committee formed by the Cabinet will scrutinise the moratorium on death penalty, which has frozen execution of death penalties since 2006, when the last execution was carried out. The issue of death penalty has its pro and con c



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