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Gernot Wagner
By Gernot Wagner - Jul 18,2023
NEW YORK — Climate change is no longer a future problem. It is here, and the effects are all around.
By Gernot Wagner - Jun 08,2023
NEW YORK — Everything from seat belts to health care and bank bailouts invites riskier behaviour, or what economists call “moral hazard”. Even the most justified and well-meaning policy interventions can have unintended, and undesired, consequences.
By Gernot Wagner - Apr 20,2023
NEW YORK — The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last month seemed to bode ill for the global clean-energy race.
By Gernot Wagner - Apr 12,2023
 NEW YORK — After years of global climate-policy leadership, the European Union is looking warily at the United States’ sudden embrace of ambitious clean-energy subsidies. Ultimately, America’s entry into the clean-energy race is good news for both the planet and Europe.
By Gernot Wagner - Feb 01,2023
NEW YORK — Technology will save us!
By Gernot Wagner - Nov 17,2022
SHARM EL SHEIKH  —  If there is one issue that has taken center stage at this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), it is money.
By Gernot Wagner - Oct 18,2022
NEW YORK  —  The jockeying for position in the global clean-energy race is underway. The United States joined the field just two months ago with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.
By Gernot Wagner - Aug 20,2022
NEW YORK  —  The United States has entered the clean-energy race in a big way with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022.
By Gernot Wagner - Sep 22,2021
NEW YORK — There ultimately is no way to stabilise the climate without addressing the fact that humans are emitting far too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, year after year.
By Gernot Wagner - May 08,2021
NEW YORK — Like most worthwhile pursuits, reducing carbon pollution comes with costs. If it didn’t, climate change wouldn’t be a problem in the first place — at least not from a narrow economic perspective.


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