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Hasan Abu Nimah
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Dec 09,2014
The recent visit of His Majesty King Abdullah to Washington was obviously not the first, neither for certain will it be the last, but so far it is the most important.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Nov 25,2014
The situation in the occupied Palestinian territories continues to deteriorate, with Israeli government provocations unabated despite the bloody consequences of previous incursions on the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem and the accompanying measures clearly supporting Jewish
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Nov 18,2014
Late last week I drove to a pharmacy in Amman located in a usually crowded small shopping neighbourhood. The three parking spaces in front of that pharmacy were all blocked by a car that was parked sideways right in front of the three spaces, blocking them, as well as one lane o
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Nov 11,2014
In his Speech from the Throne, which inaugurates Parliament’s work every year, His Majesty King Abdullah addressed more than one essential issue pertaining to the particularly critical situation in our region. At some point, the Monarch affirmed that the “advanced le
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Nov 04,2014
From December 29, 2012, until September 14, 2014, His Majesty King Abdullah has authored and published five important papers that dealt specifically with democracy, parliamentary government and political reform in Jordan. The papers were not meant, as one would perhaps expe
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Oct 28,2014
The atrocious attack that killed more than 30 Egyptian soldiers at a border outpost in Sinai earlier this week was not the first of its kind.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Oct 21,2014
The choice in Syria should not be between dictatorship and terrorism, the French defence minister was quoted as saying during his visit to Qatar earlier this week. That is absolutely right.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Oct 14,2014
Late last week, Jordanian police clashed with citizens who were protesting action by the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) to reorganise the heavily populated capital. There are many aspects of our capital’s life that need urgent attention and, often, radical revision.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Oct 07,2014
When truth becomes hard to reach, what remains for any reasonable popular debate is common sense. Recently, even that has turned to be a very hard to sell commodity.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 30,2014
Without doubt, the speech Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered at the UN General Assembly last Friday was strong and explicit in describing the Palestinian situation.



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