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Hasan Abu Nimah
By Hasan Abu Nimah - May 20,2014
The joy of travel, whether for business or for pleasure, is often lost by airport security complications.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - May 13,2014
Rainfalls last week were very heavy.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - May 06,2014
Many questions are yet to be answered about the failure of the peace mission of US Secretary of State John Kerry: Will the Americans give up?
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Apr 29,2014
Just three days before the critical deadline of April 29, marking the end of the 9-month-long period for negotiating a Palestinian-Israeli peace, PA President Mahmoud Abbas reaffirmed his terms for extending the talks for some additional time. Addressing the Palestinian Central
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Apr 22,2014
The kidnapping of our ambassador  to Libya, Fawaz Al Aitan puts the country suddenly before a painful human tragedy as well as a grave political crisis. Imagine the impact of the shock on the ambassador’s immediate  family, his wife and his kids with him in Tripo
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Apr 15,2014
Former Tunisian president Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali has just been sentenced to life in absentia by a Tunisian military court, for the fourth time in the last two years, mostly for complicity in the murder of protesters in the 2011 revolution that led to his quick ouster. Ben Ali h
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Apr 08,2014
As originally expected, the Palestinian-Israeli talks that were resumed in July last year ended in total failure. There is no doubt that US Secretary of State John Kerry did his utmost to have the sides agree on something, even on a vision on how any future peace settlement woul
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Apr 01,2014
It was no surprise to those concerned in the Arab world that the latest Arab summit, held in Kuwait recently, ended up without any noticeable accomplishment. Neither, indeed, were the expectations of the Arab masses, heavily burdened by the impact of failed Arab states’ in
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Mar 25,2014
Reports from Israel citing Western sources claim that the Obama administration is concerned that the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks could soon collapse.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Mar 18,2014
One of the standard excuses Israeli officials use when asked to end their occupation of Arab territories occupied in 1967 is that their previous withdrawals, from Lebanon and Gaza for example, ended up exposing Israel to renewed dangers. “Hardly anybody in Israel thinks th



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