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Hassan A. Barari
By Hassan A. Barari - Oct 27,2014
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the successful conclusion of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, but the failure of the peace process has led many observers to ponder whether Jordan could maintain peace with Israel. To be sure, the peace treaty has survived many
By Hassan A. Barari - Oct 20,2014
Whether the perpetuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict destabilises the Middle East or not is an unresolved debate in the West. There is a school of thought that links instability in the region to the persistence of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Some argue that resolving the confli
By Hassan A. Barari - Oct 13,2014
Thus far, Ankara has been merely watching the unfolding events in the Kurdish town Kobani. Undoubtedly, the likely fall of Kobani to the Islamic State (IS) will have grave consequences for Ankara.
By Hassan A. Barari - Sep 29,2014
If left unchecked, the unmatched brutality of the Islamic State could threaten the stability of the Middle East beyond repair. The manifestation of this kind of terror has led many countries to join the battle against it in both Iraq and Syria. Undoubtedly, with Britain joining
By Hassan A. Barari - Sep 22,2014
Iran and the six world powers involved in talks with it started a new round of talks with the objective of reaching a comprehensive agreement. Thus far, they failed to settle their differences over the Iranian nuclear programme. The July 20 deadline for a comprehensive agreemen
By Hassan A. Barari - Sep 15,2014
US President Barack Obama does not seem to have a clear strategy for dealing with serious challenges in various parts of the globe. Under his leadership, the US appears totally ineffective in dealing with the crises that erupted over the last few years, the Ukrainian and Syrian
By Hassan A. Barari - Sep 01,2014
The new Iraqi prime minister, Haider Al Abadi, is walking a tightrope.
By Hassan A. Barari - Aug 25,2014
Since the start of the Syrian revolution, the American administration has failed to take the initiative and act timely. The lead-from-behind strategy concealed the fact that US President Barack Obama was both hesitant and lacking strategy. More often than not, Obama dismissed h
By Hassan A. Barari - Aug 18,2014
For obvious reasons, Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al Maliki had to be sacrificed for the sake an inclusive political game in Iraq. A coalition of Shiite parties and religious figures reached the conclusion that Maliki could not end the political deadlock in Baghdad and save the cr
By Hassan A. Barari - Aug 11,2014
After two months of unchecked expansion of the Islamic State in the north of Iraq, American combat planes and drones struck its militants. While the American step is supposed to be narrow in scope, it has boosted the morale of the minorities and Kurds whose fighters have lost gr