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Hassan A. Barari
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 07,2014
The heightened tension in the occupied territories cannot be more obvious.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 30,2014
Iraq is most likely to descend into a civil war.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 23,2014
There is near consensus among observers and pundits that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki has been the key impediment to building an inclusive Iraq. His narrow sectarian prism has triggered a series of revolts in a post-Saddam Iraq. US President Barack Obama said on Thursda
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 16,2014
There is no doubt that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) will always seek to reignite the conflict between the disgruntled Sunni minority and the Shiite-dominated government of Nouri Al Maliki in Iraq. Therefore, the problem is not the sudden collapse of the Iraqi
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 09,2014
It is hard to figure out how votes could be cast as the Syrian air force jets were bombarding various areas in the country with crude explosive devices. In war-torn Syria, holding the presidential election under such circumstances and against the backdrop of a protracted bloody
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 02,2014
The United States — under both George Bush and Barack Obama — has been following an ineffective foreign policy in the Middle East. The decline in the American influence in the region could not be more obvious. Over the last several years, Iran has benefited from the
By Hassan A. Barari - May 26,2014
Barring a miracle, General Abdul Fattah Al Sisi is set to be voted president of Egypt in the current election. While, if elected, Sisi is widely expected to further marginalise the Muslim Brotherhood, the possibility of a return to law and order is far from certain. To begin wi
By Hassan A. Barari - May 19,2014
Parliamentarians who came up with “mubadara” (initiative) just warned that they would turn their back on the government unless it gives in to their conceptions and platform on a plethora of issues. Such threat should be taken seriously because Abdullah Ensour’s
By Hassan A. Barari - May 05,2014
In a widely expected move, Syrian President Bashar Assad announced that he would run for the presidential election scheduled early next month. Holding elections amid the Syrian conflict is in defiance of the international community, which has spent the better part of the last th
By Hassan A. Barari - Apr 28,2014
It has been a while since the dormant “open crisis” in Maan erupted. Observers often argue that the quietness of the city is deceptive.



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