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Hassan A. Barari
By Hassan A. Barari - Apr 09,2018
The state-run Syrian news agency said that the Syrian air defences shot down eight missiles fired by the United States at an airbase near Hums. Other missiles have reached their target though.
By Hassan A. Barari - Mar 26,2018
John Bolton’s arrival in April as the new national security adviser sets off alarm bells among observers. His hawkish views could help set the stage for yet another bloody war for the United States in the Middle East.
By Hassan A. Barari - Mar 12,2018
All signs indicate that the trust gap between the government and citizens is widening. A quick look at what has recently been writing on social media reveals a grim reality. On the whole, Jordanians do not trust their government.
By Hassan A. Barari - Feb 06,2018
It makes sense that King Abdullah is somehow gobsmacked by the fact that both the government and the parliament have not fully succeeded in doing their jobs in a responsible and responsive manner.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jan 22,2018
In remarks during his talks with King Abdullah, US Vice President Mike Pence said that his country “remains committed, if the parties agree, to a two-state solution". From a Jordanian perspective, this statement is far from being assuring.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jan 08,2018
Over the last decade, efforts to push forward Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations have stalled. It goes without saying that the American administrations have contributed in the current impasse.
By Hassan A. Barari - Dec 18,2017
Israelis, on the whole, flaunt that their country is the only oasis of democracy in the Middle East. While Israel is a democracy, it is far from being a liberal one. At best, it is an ethnic democracy, meaning democracy for the Jews.
By Hassan A. Barari - Nov 27,2017
Unlike other countries, Israel under its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a clear objective and seems willing to achieve it: to prevent Iran’s entrenchment in Syria.Time and again, Israelis expressed their discontent with the developments in Syria after the defeat of Daesh.
By Hassan A. Barari - Nov 13,2017
The sudden resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister, Saad Hariri, and his mysterious sojourn in Saudi Arabia have taken almost all observers by surprise.Not long ago, Hariri was trying to even mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
By Hassan A. Barari - Oct 30,2017
Explicit in many statements coming from various Israeli politicians is one theme: a military confrontation between Hizbollah and Israel is a matter of when, not if.Apparently, Israelis seek this confrontation as a preventive war in order to prevent Hizbollah from gaining a milita



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