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J. Bradford DeLong
By J. Bradford DeLong - Jan 07,2019
BERKELEY — Over the past 40 years, the US economy has experienced four recessions. Among the four, only the extended downturn of 1979-1982 had a conventional cause.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Dec 20,2018
BERKELEY — It has now been one year since US President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans rammed their massive corporate tax cut through Congress. At the time, critics of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” described it as a cynical handout for wealthy shareholders.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Oct 16,2018
BERKELEY — The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession left the global North 10 per cent poorer than it otherwise would have been, based on 2005 forecasts.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Sep 09,2018
BERKELEY — Scarcely had I begun my first lecture of the fall semester here at the University of California, Berkeley, when I realised that I was too hot. I desperately wanted to take off my professorial tweed jacket.A tweed jacket is a wonderful but peculiar costume.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Aug 12,2018
BERKELEY — Economic developments over the past 20 years have taught, or ought to have taught, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) four lessons.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Jul 05,2018
BERKELEY — The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell recently re-called that when US President Donald Trump held a session for Harley-Davidson executives and union representatives at the White House in February 2017, he thanked them “for building things in America”.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Apr 12,2018
BERKELEY — Later this century, when economic historians compare the “Great Recession” that started in 2007 with the Great Depression that started in 1929, they will arrive at two basic conclusions.First, they will say the immediate response of the US Federal Reserve and the Depar
By J. Bradford DeLong - Nov 23,2017
In a recent appearance here at the University of California, Berkeley, Alice Rivlin expressed optimism about the future of economic policymaking in the United States.What Rivlin — who served as vice chair of the US Federal Reserve, director of the White House Office of Management
By J. Bradford DeLong - Oct 07,2017
There are 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to tackle problems including poverty, hunger, disease, inequality, climate change, ecological degradation and many others in between.Clearly, 17 is too many.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Oct 05,2017
According to mainstream economic theory, globalisation tends to “lift all boats” and has little effect on the broad distribution of incomes.But “globalisation” is not the same as the elimination of tariffs and other import barriers that confer rent-seeking advantages to political



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