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J. Bradford DeLong
By J. Bradford DeLong - Nov 11,2021
BERKELEY – In the past three years, technological advances have provided about one percentage point of warranted US real wage growth each year, admittedly, only half the rate of earlier times, but still something.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Oct 05,2021
BERKELEY — If you are concerned about the well-being of the United States and interested in what the country could do to help itself, stop what you are doing and read historian Geoffrey Kabaservice’s superb 2012 book, “Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction
By J. Bradford DeLong - Sep 05,2021
BERKELEY —  In 1987, Alan Greenspan was appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan to chair the US Federal Reserve (Fed) board of governors, succeeding Paul Volcker.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Aug 08,2021
BERKELEY — The world is facing two disasters that are making the COVID-19 crisis doubly worse than it ought to be. The first is the rise of the Delta variant, which is twice as contagious and 1.5-2 times deadlier than the original coronavirus.
By J. Bradford DeLong - May 09,2021
BERKELEY — The financial and economic news in the United States lately has been dominated by concerns about inflation. “Runaway inflation is the biggest risk facing investors, Leuthold’s Jim Paulsen warns,” according to the cable news channel CNBC.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Mar 10,2021
BERKELEY  —  Back in 1992, Lawrence H. Summers, then the chief economist at the World Bank, and I warned that pushing the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) annual inflation target down from 4 per cent to 2 per cent risked causing big problems.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Jan 10,2021
BERKELEY — When people stormed the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789, their purpose was to free inmates whom they saw as political prisoners of the monarchy.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Dec 24,2020
BERKELEY — Very few of the people who voted for US President Donald Trump in the 2020 election are plutocrats who benefitted from his and congressional Republicans’ tax cut, or even wannabe plutocrats who can hope to benefit from it in the future.
By J. Bradford DeLong - Nov 22,2020
BERKELEY — The United States is home to 4 per cent of the world’s population but 21 per cent of confirmed COVID-19 deaths; it accounts for 25 per cent of the Global North’s population but 50 per cent of its excess mortalities, deaths from all causes above the usual rate, register
By J. Bradford DeLong - Nov 22,2020
BERKELEY — Ten years and ten months ago, US President Barack Obama announced in his 2010 State of the Union address that it was time for austerity. “Families across the country are tightening their belts and making tough decisions,” he explained.



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