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James J. Zogby
By James J. Zogby - Jan 26,2015
When I was growing up, I remember a saying that was used to describe the behaviour of persons who were so cocky that they did really dumb things: “He’s so smart, he’s stupid.” I thought of this expression when I heard the speaker of the House of Represent
By James J. Zogby - Jan 19,2015
The perpetrators of the horror at Charlie Hebdo were not devout Muslims outraged by insults directed at their faith.
By James J. Zogby - Jan 12,2015
It should be clear after four bloody years in Syria that if we are to move forward, it is necessary to shed illusions and fantasies that have shaped too much of the discussion about the conflict. From the beginning, it was inevitable that this conflict, however it began, would m
By James J. Zogby - Jan 05,2015
The closing weeks of 2014 spelled disaster for US leadership and the rule of law. During the last two weeks of December, the US countered three different efforts designed to affirm Palestinian rights. It was unfortunate since in doing so, the US undercut its stated commitment t
By James J. Zogby - Dec 29,2014
Bethlehem has always loomed large in our imagination.
By James J. Zogby - Dec 22,2014
Four years ago, Tunisia and the Egypt erupted in broad popular revolts.
By James J. Zogby - Dec 16,2014
I first met Eric Holder during the Clinton years when he was serving as deputy attorney general.
By James J. Zogby - Dec 08,2014
In 1971, I was working at a Boy’s Club in the Germantown section of Philadelphia running an after-school programme. One day, the Police Athletic League representative dropped off a pile of colouring books for the younger kids.
By James J. Zogby - Dec 01,2014
There is widespread upset in capitals across the Arab world at having been sidelined by the Obama administration in the ongoing P5+1 negotiations with Iran. Many are suspicious of US intentions and worried that their concerns about Iran’s regional role will be given short
By James J. Zogby - Nov 17,2014
Next week, Arab American leaders and activists from a dozen key electoral states will convene in Washington to map out a political strategy for 2016. Despite the very real challenges facing the leaders who will gather, this generation of Arab Americans can approach the future wi



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