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Jason Furman
By Jason Furman - Apr 23,2022
CAMBRIDGE — Commentators have generally offered two arguments about advanced economies’ performance since COVID-19 struck, only one of which can be true.
By Jason Furman - Mar 07,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been rapid and dramatic, but the economic consequences will be much slower to materialise and less spectacular.
By Jason Furman - Jan 18,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  In 2008, as the global financial crisis was ravaging economies everywhere, Queen Elizabeth II, visiting the London School of Economics, famously asked, “Why did nobody see it coming?” The high inflation of 2021, especially in the United States, where the y
By Jason Furman - Jul 26,2018
CAMBRIDGE — One of the central challenges facing the world’s advanced economies is slowing growth.
By Jason Furman - Apr 22,2018
What does inequality mean for growth? That is a question economists struggle with.


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