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Jawad Anani
By Jawad Anani - Mar 21,2016
Jordanians adore political analysis. Some of them are so smart they can build a logical — or metalogical — pyramid on the head of a pin.We, Jordanians, are not to blame.
By Jawad Anani - Mar 14,2016
Many Jordanian political and legal analysts are engaged in heated dialogue over the future of the current, 17th, Parliament.Some say it should be allowed to continue, while others ask for its immediate dissolution.On March 10, His Majesty the King ratified the 2016 amended Electi
By Jawad Anani - Mar 07,2016
Newspapers and some private media enterprises are not convinced by the statements made by government officials on the integration of Syrian workers into the labour force.They question the credibility of assertions that Syrian workers will not affect Jordanian labour employability
By Jawad Anani - Feb 15,2016
The US promised Jordan $1.3 billion in aid this year.In a recent lecture at Talal Abu Ghazaleh’s Economic Forum, the USAID deputy director in Jordan gave the details of USAID’s technical assistance to Jordan, which is big and covers a wide range of sectors.An analysis of the impa
By Jawad Anani - Feb 08,2016
Relations between Jordan and Germany have improved tremendously since the deep chasm that separated them during World War II.Both sides worked hard to get those relations back on track.A cursory look at Jordan’s streets reveals the volume of goods coming from Germany.
By Jawad Anani - Feb 01,2016
In 1953, I was still a child with wide-eyed dreams. At any expense, I wanted to see King Hussein’s coronation at the Parliament House near the 1st Circle in Jabal Amman.There were many people.
By Jawad Anani - Jan 25,2016
Amman has changed so much since my childhood, about 60 years ago.How happy my siblings and I were when the snowflakes fell down like a gymnast’s ribbon, dancing and twisting their way to their destination.We would huddle, cramming our cheeks against the cold window glass, with ou
By Jawad Anani - Jan 19,2016
The intellectual and smart answers His Majesty King Abdullah gave in response to the sneaky questions of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last week deserve a pause and a serious in-depth look.We often see British politicians managing to dodge a smart question with an ambiguous answer.Not King
By Jawad Anani - Jan 12,2016
We often fail to zero in on the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions. We say that oxygen is necessary for fire, but it is not sufficient.
By Jawad Anani - Jan 05,2016
Last year witnessed decreases in the size of foreign direct investment, income from tourism and exports of goods.The negative growth in exports was explained by various government ministers as the result of border closure with Iraq (in July 2015) and Syria (since 2014).



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