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Jawad Anani
By Jawad Anani - May 08,2017
In the last Economic Policies Council meeting, which was chaired by His Majesty King Abdullah on May 3, the discussion focused on the initiative to give economic growth a big push.Such an agenda has transformed the councils’ role from proposing laws and new directives to an instr
By Jawad Anani - May 01,2017
Farmers in Jordan resent the statistical conclusion which states that agriculture contributes only 3-3.5 per cent to Jordan’s annual gross domestic product.The link between the sector’s importance and its share in the country’s annual output of goods and services is below expecta
By Jawad Anani - May 30,2016
Jordan is celebrating these days three grand, festive, occasions. One is the Independence Day, observed on May 25. That day, in 1946, Jordan came from under the British mandate, became a full-fledged sovereign entity and wrote its own constitution.
By Jawad Anani - May 23,2016
The investment environment in Jordan has been the subject of attacks and harsh criticism.His Majesty King Abdullah has been pushing the government to create a more investment friendly ecospace.It was said that investors face an uphill battle in Jordan between the time they apply
By Jawad Anani - May 16,2016
Does the rise in a country’s sense of humour indicate serious socio-economic problems?
By Jawad Anani - May 09,2016
The degree of readiness and vigilance Jordanian Border Guards are required to demonstrate is very high these days.While the regular flow of goods from Europe via Syria to Jordan has come to a halt, the attempts to smuggle contraband goods and enhance illegal human trafficking has
By Jawad Anani - May 02,2016
Aleppo is an ancient city in northern Syria, on the road leading to neighbouring Iraq.Its citadel has been a historical site and a cradle of Byzantine, Arab, Turkish and other cultures.Aleppo, like its sister city Damascus, has been thriving; its economy was always versatile and
By Jawad Anani - Apr 25,2016
Judging from both US President Barack Obama’s and the heads of the GCC countries’ positions, one can say that the consensus they reached was not on real issues they have. The summit meeting in Riyadh last week was preceded and also coincided with some “amusing” events.
By Jawad Anani - Apr 18,2016
The Jordan Times crossword puzzle is one of my favourite pastime.
By Jawad Anani - Apr 11,2016
George Carlin, the famous American stand-up comedian, once made a mockery of nature preservationists.“Who the heck you think you are,” he said.“Have some modesty? You truly believe that you want to preserve mother Earth from plastics and gas emissions? Come on. For God’s sake.



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