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Jonathan Power
By Jonathan Power - Oct 09,2014
When, 17 years ago, the British lowered the Union Jack on their last remaining important colony, Hong Kong, Chris Patten, the governor, buried his face in his hands for the entire world to see and feel a most profound sentiment a proud and ambitious politician could experience &m
By Jonathan Power - Oct 02,2014
A Western viewpoint (courtesy of Aubrey Bailey): “Some of our friends support our enemies, and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies whom we want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting
By Jonathan Power - Sep 25,2014
There is little doubt that Russia broke international law with its takeover of Crimea and the rushed referendum that did not give citizens time to have a deep think on its implications (as they did in Scotland). It is not only observers in the West who say this, but also a good
By Jonathan Power - Sep 18,2014
A couple of days ago, I was on the Moscow metro. At the interchange, I asked two 20-something young women the direction. Then they asked me if I like Russia? I asked them the same question and they said “no”.
By Jonathan Power - Sep 11,2014
Despite Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine and Southern Sudan, the world is a lot more peaceful than it was at the end of the Cold War, and shows no sign of returning to the bad old days when there were some 25 wars going on every year. Now it is down to
By Jonathan Power - Sep 04,2014
Violence should have had its day. Look at its non-achievements: The US/British/French invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The upheavals of the “Arab Spring”.
By Jonathan Power - Aug 28,2014
In his magisterial book “Europe”, Norman Davies writes: “Europe is a relatively modern idea.
By Jonathan Power - Aug 14,2014
Finally, the seven-year trial of the leaders of the murderous Khmer Rouge leadership of Cambodia is over.
By Jonathan Power - Aug 07,2014
What would the conservative president, Ronald Reagan, have done if the Ukraine debacle had happened on his watch? I suspect he would have made sure it did not devalue relations between the US and Russia. It was not he, nor his vice president, George W.H.
By Jonathan Power - Jul 24,2014
If the people of Israel want to go back to their memories of their war against the Arab nations after they had been attacked following the handover by the British in 1948; if they want to go back to the Holocaust; if they want to go back to the anti-Jewish violence, the first so-



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