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Jules Kortenhorst
By Jules Kortenhorst - Oct 26,2021
DENVER — For decades, we at the Rocky Mountain Institute (now RMI) have argued that the transition to clean energy will cost less and proceed faster than governments, firms, and many analysts expect.
By Jules Kortenhorst - Oct 02,2021
DENVER — World leaders are making increasingly ambitious commitments to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and limit the catastrophic effects of climate change.
By Jules Kortenhorst - Jul 13,2021
DENVER — In addressing climate change, “winning” slowly is the same as losing.
By Jules Kortenhorst - Jan 27,2020
DAVOS — At its annual flagship meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this year, the World Economic Forum called on companies from around the world to commit to reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 at the latest.
By Jules Kortenhorst - Dec 12,2019
BOULDER, COLORADO — The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) currently taking place in Madrid is supposed to prepare the ground for more ambitious national climate commitments.
By Jules Kortenhorst - Oct 13,2019
BOULDER, COLORADO — For the longest time, the prevailing narrative about renewable energy featured clumsy technologies, high costs and burdensome subsidies. In the absence of strict mandates and far-reaching policy changes, the chances for mass adoption seemed slim.
By Jules Kortenhorst - Nov 06,2017
After a season of record-breaking hurricanes in the United States and floods across Asia, it would be easy to despair about the accelerating pace of climate change.


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