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Kaushik Basu
By Kaushik Basu - Aug 25,2020
ITHACA — Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris was my first choice among the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination in the United States.
By Kaushik Basu - Aug 09,2020
ITHACA — As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, our understanding of it is improving.
By Kaushik Basu - Jun 23,2020
ITHACA — The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruptions to markets, supply chains and world trade.
By Kaushik Basu - Mar 01,2020
NEW YORK — When US Senator Bernie Sanders describes himself as a “democratic socialist”, he arguably is using those words in a different way than many other people.
By Kaushik Basu - Feb 11,2020
NEW YORK — Over the last decade, the world economy has experienced a steady build-up of debt, now amounting to 230 per cent of global GDP. The last three waves of debt caused massive downturns in economies across the world.The first of these happened in the early 1980s.
By Kaushik Basu - Feb 01,2020
NEW YORK — Over the last decade, the world economy has experienced a steady build-up of debt, now amounting to 230 per cent of global GDP.
By Kaushik Basu - Dec 02,2019
ITHACA — The unexpected financial crash of 2008, the persistence of the slowdown that occurred in its wake, the failure of conventional monetary and fiscal policies to revive economies and the cracks in global trade that we are witnessing now have all given rise to a widespread d
By Kaushik Basu - Nov 02,2019
ITHACA — The Internet was once hailed as a powerful democratising force, enabling innovative start-ups to compete with established businesses, disrupt entire industries and create new ones. But as some of those startups grew into behemoths, they turned this force on its head.
By Kaushik Basu - Sep 29,2019
ITHACA — There is a growing belief that the United States is heading for a recession, possibly before the 2020 presidential election. Current economic data and statistical trends indicate that many parts of the US economy are apparently under strain.
By Kaushik Basu - Jul 30,2019
NEW DELHI — I was having lunch in an Ithaca restaurant with my mother-in-law, who was visiting from India, when the Chinese waitress serving us asked her where she came from. “Kolhapur”, my mother-in-law replied, referring to the small town in Maharashtra where she was born.



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