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Kemal Dervis
By Kemal Dervis - Apr 16,2016
“Out of ammo?” The Economist recently asked of monetary policymakers.
By Kemal Dervis - Dec 24,2015
The year 2015 was difficult, punctuated by declining growth forecasts, horrific terror attacks, massive refugee flows, and serious political challenges, with populism on the rise in many countries.In the Middle East, in particular, chaos and violence has continued to proliferate,
By Kemal Dervis - Nov 09,2015
At the recent annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Lima, Peru, one topic that dominated discussions was the slowdown in emerging economy growth.Hailed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as the new engines of the world economy, the e
By Kemal Dervis - Sep 23,2015
The European Union’s economic crises of the last half decade have fuelled the emergence of a deep divide between the northern creditor countries and the southern debtors.Now Europe’s migrant crisis is creating an East-West divide between the countries that are welcoming towards t
By Kemal Dervis - Sep 03,2015
Every July, economists, business leaders, NGOs and politicians from around the world gather in Aix-en-Provence, France, for the three-day Rencontres Économiques forum, organised by the Cercle des Économistes. This year’s forum focused on the changing nature of work.
By Kemal Dervis - Aug 02,2015
Nowadays, with the global economy undergoing fundamental transformation, workers worldwide are coming under significant pressure.Particularly in developed economies, social policies must adjust to provide the support that lower-income groups need, while encouraging growth and adv
By Kemal Dervis - May 12,2015
The United Kingdom’s recent general election provided a clear example of how the question of national identity is reshaping Europe’s political landscape. The Scottish National Party, embodying a left-wing version of identity politics, wiped out Labour in Scotland, al
By Kemal Dervis - Mar 08,2015
One of the factors driving the massive rise in global inequality and the concentration of wealth at the very top of the income distribution is the interplay between innovation and global markets. In the hands of a capable entrepreneur, a technological breakthrough can be worth b
By Kemal Dervis - Feb 17,2015
Over the last five years, the eurozone has, without explicit popular consent, maintained a strict policy focus on fiscal austerity and structural reforms — despite serious social repercussions, not only in the Mediterranean periphery and Ireland, but even in a “core&r
By Kemal Dervis - Jan 24,2015
Opinion polls in the run-up to Greece’s early general election on January 25 indicate that the left-wing Syriza Party is likely to win the largest share of votes. As a result, Syriza stands to earn a crucial premium under Greek electoral law, according to which the party t



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