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Melvin Sanicas
By Melvin Sanicas - Sep 11,2017
Mosquitoes may be tiny, but they have a powerful bite.
By Melvin Sanicas - Jun 07,2017
Vitamin D helps our bodies regulate levels of calcium and phosphate — nutrients that keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.Often, sunlight on our skin can be enough to enable us to produce all the vitamin D we need.
By Melvin Sanicas - Dec 20,2016
A virus that infects your brain, makes you want to bite things, and is almost always fatal after symptoms appear probably sounds like something from a zombie movie.But this has been the modus operandi of rabies at least since 2300 BC, when it was described in the Eshuma Code
By Melvin Sanicas - Oct 11,2016
The world’s population is getting bigger, and older.
By Melvin Sanicas - Jul 14,2016
Before the horrors of the latest Ebola outbreak in West Africa could even begin to fade from our minds, the Zika virus emerged as a major global health risk, and is now occupying researchers and doctors in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.Yet the death toll from a
By Melvin Sanicas - May 19,2016
Humans have been battling tuberculosis since the Stone Age. But only in the last century has real progress been made against the disease.A vaccine, first used in humans in 1921, is still in use around the world today.


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