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Natalia Kanem
By Natalia Kanem - May 29,2023
NEW YORK — In 2020, an estimated 287,000 women died in pregnancy, childbirth, or soon after delivering, according to the latest data from the United Nations Maternal Mortality Estimation Inter-Agency Group, which includes the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), where I am exe
By Natalia Kanem - Jul 05,2021
NEW YORK — By the age of 24, Maya Bohara had borne four children, and she and her husband decided that their family was large enough.
By Natalia Kanem - Jul 26,2018
NEW YORK — The decision to start a family is one of the most important choices a person can make. It is also a fundamental human right, only individual adults should have the power to decide whether, when, or how often to conceive.


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