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Nermeen Murad
By Nermeen Murad - Oct 21,2017
The decision by the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) to expand the list of home-based businesses sanctioned under its licensing instructions, including journalistic writing and editing, is groundbreaking, responds to economic demand and, in my opinion, hits the mark on several cr
By Nermeen Murad - Oct 14,2017
Jordanians are having a truly critical debate in order to understand why Jordan — and therefore themselves — is now facing an uphill and arduous journey to address some serious economic challenges.At the core of that debate is how we got here and who is to blame.If one listens to
By Nermeen Murad - Oct 07,2017
The national conversation around large-scale corruption and abuse of public sector benefits and services, as well as the epidemic and inappropriate exploitation of access for personal gain versus increasing the tax burden on the citizen, spell out, in my mind, the top concerns of
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 30,2017
A couple of years ago, when I lived in England, I used to work for a well-known Arabic daily as a political editor. One of the pages I looked after had a section for rising Arab political opinion writers.
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 23,2017
The title is not mine.
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 18,2017
The scene played itself quite rapidly on Facebook pages.
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 09,2017
I am not an economist or financial expert. In fact, this can be safely said about the vast majority of Jordanians.
By Nermeen Murad - Aug 26,2017
Elections have a way of reorganising one’s thoughts on political realities.
By Nermeen Murad - Oct 26,2015
I passed by The Jordan Times a couple of years ago to ostensibly discuss something about the column I wrote each Monday for about six years, but also to see if the place still held the strings to my heart. I stood at the front desk of the Jordan Press Foundation, home o
By Nermeen Murad - Aug 25,2014
Parliament overwhelmingly approved a motion to support constitutional amendments that establish a special commission for parliamentary and municipal elections, as well as rearrange the hierarchy of armed forces to separate military operations from services provided by the armed f



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