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Nermeen Murad
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 24,2018
You only have to be slightly more sociable talking to people that are not usually situated in your private and professional bubble to realise that many Jordanians, and regardless of their origin, gender, age, political ideology or religion, feel aggrieved, marginalised and often
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 17,2018
Social media was recently beset with commentaries on a video leaked from a university lecture by controversial Islamist Amjad Koursha, in which he provided commentary on the Old Testament selectively citing excerpts to prove that the content was “fabricated”.This is not the first
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 03,2018
A couple of years ago, a small group of women activists arranged a closed workshop to discuss the initial findings of a study looking into the legal framework governing medical guardianship of children.
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 24,2018
Time Magazine cover page carried a photo of four very young children, collected on a single surgical tray while their stricken father looked on, who were killed in the attacks on the Syrian town of Ghouta and asked “have we lost our humanity?”The Syria conflict has tested the lim
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 17,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah recently urged the government to speed up current public sector reform efforts, adopt policies to improve the performance and accountability of public servants against measurable indicators, and strategically push forward to improve the efficiency of the
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 03,2018
I have enjoyed over this past weekend attending session after session of analysis of Jordan’s economic, political and social situation organised and hosted by the Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan.
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 27,2018
Twelve years ago when my eldest son was about five, we were invited to the birthday party of one of his classmates. We were all new at the prep school and still meeting other parents and building friendships.
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 20,2018
International developments and foreign policy subtleties have always required Jordan to work harder for a place at the front, either at the table or even simply in the room during particularly challenging times. This reality, a result of Jordan’s fluctuating geopolitical rel
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 13,2018
The detention of teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi caused a stir on multiple levels.
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 06,2018
This is the first week of 2018 and already we are beset with rumours of impending change within the upper echelons of policy making at the Royal Court and government.



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