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Osama Al Sharif
By Osama Al Sharif - Mar 24,2020
As the world battles the alarming spread of the novel coronavirus through lockdowns, calls for self-isolation and even by imposing curfews, the specter of an impending global recession is looming large.
By Osama Al Sharif - Mar 17,2020
Countries in the region and beyond are shutting down as they react to an unprecedented global threat; that of the new coronavirus pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives since it first broke out in China last year.
By Osama Al Sharif - Mar 10,2020
It is all about the numbers as rivals and allies in the Israeli political landscape make last minute attempts to clear the finishing line by reaching the magic number of 61 seats or more in the 120-seat Knesset.
By Osama Al Sharif - Mar 03,2020
Turkey is now officially at war with the Syrian government in Damascus for the first time since 2011. It is something that few in Turkey and beyond are able to comprehend.
By Osama Al Sharif - Feb 25,2020
A seven-day partial truce, which began last Friday, between the US and the Taliban in Afghanistan, is set to pave the way for the signing of a broader agreement on 29 February that would effectively end America’s longest war.
By Osama Al Sharif - Feb 18,2020
The European Union (EU) is in a flux over how to react to President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan, released last month in Washington.
By Osama Al Sharif - Feb 11,2020
The shaky Turkish-Russian alliance is facing its toughest challenge yet over the fate of Idlib province, the last bastion of anti-Bashar Assad rebels.
By Osama Al Sharif - Feb 04,2020
Less than a week after President Donald Trump, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by his side, released his now infamous vision/plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians at a White House ceremony, the US administration got its answer.
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 28,2020
After more than one hundred days of protests that crossed sectarian and party lines Lebanon has a new government under Sunni technocrat Hassan Diab. But it is not the government that protesters had wanted.
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 21,2020
US President Donald Trump is considering revealing his peace plan for the Middle East before the end of this month, reliable sources told me this week.



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