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By Project Syndicate - Jun 18,2020
By Bertrand Badré and Yves TiberghienPARIS – A sudden shock upends routine decision-making and forces leaders to take urgent action.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 17,2020
By Anne Case and Angus Deaton PRINCETON — Well before COVID-19 struck, there was another epidemic running rampant in the United States, killing more Americans in 2018 than the coronavirus has killed so far.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 17,2020
By David Cameron, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Donald P. KaberukaLONDON/MONROVIA/KIGALI — No country has been spared the impact of COVID-19. But some, the world’s most “fragile states”, face a particularly difficult set of challenges.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 16,2020
By Mario Pezzini, Sebastián Nieto Parra, and Juan Vázquez ZamoraPARIS — The wave of popular protests that shook Latin America in late 2019 marked a turning point not only in the politics of the countries involved, but also in terms of understanding the region’s long-term developm
By Project Syndicate - Jun 14,2020
By Sally Pairman and Roopa DhattTHE HAGUE/WASHINGTON, DC — As the world struggles to control COVID-19, the global health workforce is under increasing strain, and woman-centred, midwife-led care is more at risk than ever.The current crisis is stretching healthcare facilities
By Project Syndicate - Jun 13,2020
By Sandie Okoro and Paul Prettitore WASHINGTON, DC — Worldwide, an estimated 1.5 billion people face legal problems they cannot resolve, while 4.5 billion — particularly women, the poor, and other vulnerable people, are excluded from the protections and opportunities that th
By Project Syndicate - Jun 09,2020
By Joseph E. Stiglitz and Hamid RashidNEW YORK — Governments around the world are responding forcefully to the COVID-19 crisis with a combined fiscal and monetary response that has already reached 10 per cent of global GDP.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 08,2020
By Jacek Rostowski and Arnab Das LONDON — The Franco-German proposal for a 500 billion euro European Union (EU) recovery fund to cope with the COVID-19 crisis has been called the EU’s “Hamiltonian moment”.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 08,2020
By Erna Solberg and Tommy Remengesau Jr. OSLO/NGERULMUD — From Jamaica to Palau and Norway to Indonesia, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is global, and national recovery efforts must be globally focused to seize shared opportunities.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 06,2020
By Aubrey Hruby and Aubrey RugoWASHINGTON, DC — As the COVID-19 crisis has escalated, stay-at-home orders have led to a surge in online purchases, of everything from groceries to medicines to household essentials, by consumers in the advanced economies.



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