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By Project Syndicate - Nov 24,2015
 China’s slowing growth has dominated global economic news this year — and for good reason.Beyond being the world’s second-largest economy, China is the largest manufacturer and consumer of raw materials; so any sign of weakening there is bad news for the global economy.But,
By Project Syndicate - Nov 23,2015
When Pope Francis visited the United States in September, he delivered historic addresses to the US Congress and the United Nations General Assembly.Building on the sentiments of his encyclical letter, Laudato Si, Francis highlighted the international community’s responsibility t
By Project Syndicate - Nov 16,2015
The terrorist attacks across Paris on the night of November 13, which left at least 120 dead, are a tragic reminder of the ubiquity of modern terrorism.This year alone, violent extremists have murdered innocent people in the name of religion or politics in France, Tunisia, Kenya,
By Project Syndicate - Nov 11,2015
We know how to eradicate polio.
By Project Syndicate - Nov 09,2015
 On the first World Food Day in 1945, people around the world celebrated the creation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and the launch of the first coordinated global action to combat hunger.This year, on the 70th World Food Day, countries are mobilisin
By Project Syndicate - Oct 29,2015
Africa’s prospects over the next three decades will be determined largely by how well it manages rapid urbanisation.The challenge is certainly daunting.
By Project Syndicate - Oct 27,2015
Seafood is by far the most highly traded commodity globally, feeding billions of people worldwide.Unfortunately, however, the industry is plagued by illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, which undermines conservation efforts and handicaps honest fishers and businesses that
By Project Syndicate - Oct 25,2015
Tax havens are by design secretive and opaque.
By Project Syndicate - Oct 24,2015
The recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to herald the start of a new era in global development, one that promises to transform the world in the name of people, the planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.But there is an ocean of difference between
By Project Syndicate - Oct 19,2015
In today’s media landscape, where unfounded opinions, hype and rumours are rife, the scientific method — the means by which we determine, based on empirical and measurable evidence, what is true — should serve as a touchstone of reality.Science enables us to gauge what we think w



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