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Ramzy Baroud
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 17,2015
The murder of three American Muslims at a University of North Carolina condominium on February 10 was no ordinary murder, nor is the killer an ordinary thug. The context of the killings, the murder itself and the media and official responses to the horrific event is a testimony
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 10,2015
Despite its success in checking Israeli military advances in Gaza, Hamas’ regional political manoeuvres of recent years are not bearing fruit. Isolated by Israel and Arab parties, unaided by the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas, the Islamic Resistance Movement is onc
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 04,2015
The Sinai Peninsula has moved from the margins of Egyptian body politic to the uncontested centre as Egypt’s strongman, President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, finds himself greatly undercut by the rise of an insurgency that seems to be growing stronger with time. Another series o
By Ramzy Baroud - Jan 27,2015
Whenever the word refugee is uttered, I think of my mother.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jan 20,2015
Francois Hollande is not a popular president.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jan 06,2015
It was the moment many had been waiting for.
By Ramzy Baroud - Dec 30,2014
Writing and reporting about the Middle East is not an easy task, especially during these years of turmoil and upheaval. Following and reporting on the constant changes without a deep and compassionate understanding of the region will achieve predictable and lackluster content th
By Ramzy Baroud - Dec 23,2014
In terms of losses in human lives, 2014 was a horrific year for Palestinians, surpassing the horrors of both 2008 and 2009, when an Israeli war against the Gaza Strip killed and wounded thousands. While some aspects of the conflict are stagnating between a corrupt, ineffectual P
By Ramzy Baroud - Dec 16,2014
The logic that torture is a “stain” on US history is the heart of the problem, since it blocks an honest reading of whatever “values” Washington actually stands for. “This is not who we are.
By Ramzy Baroud - Dec 09,2014
America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad. Their “democracy” in both of these regions is a ruse, and it is yet to deliver any degree of social jus